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 I’ll be the first to admit that we motorcyclists can be difficult to shop for. We’re a pretty singularly focused group. For a lot of us, life revolves around riding motorcycles, working on motorcycles or hanging around and talking about motorcycles. Which can really narrow down the scope of gift possibilities for our loved ones. On top of that, we can be downright picky about our bikes, gear and parts that go along with them. 

Those moto-based idiosyncrasies all add up to a difficult gift buying experience for our loved ones and generally puts a damper on the holiday season. But fear not. We are here to help. We’re going to lay out some solid gift options to help you be the hero of your holiday season. And if you're a rider reading this, do yourself a favor and pass this on to the loved ones in your household. 

The Garage

 Like I alluded to before, as bikers we generally are either riding motorcycles or tinkering with them in the garage. And seeing how the holidays aren’t exactly in prime riding weather in most of the country, you can score some instant gratification points with gifts your beloved biker can use immediately in the shop. And you don’t have to break the bank here, either., There's plenty of reasonably priced items that are very handy to have in the garage.

  My first recommendation would be a service manual for whatever model of bike your gift recipient spends the most of time spinning wrenches on. This may require a tad bit of sleuthing on your part as to determine the right year, make and model they have. It’s important to know exactly which model when purchasing the service manual, but most bikers don’t take much prodding to get them to talk about their machine, so getting the necessary info shouldn’t be hard. 

 Another easy- to- buy and useful item to have around the garage would be something to keep their machine clean. It can be as simple as an all-around cleaner like Cycle Care Formula 33 , a good spray-and-wipe cleaner for everything. Or you could get specific and with something like S100’s Engine cleaner or even MOTUL’s helmet cleaner. Or if you still can’t decide, something like the Cycle Cares Travel Kit will provide a good sampling of cleaners sure to come in useful.

 Another universally useful garage item is a good bike cover. Especially if you don’t have a garage to keep your two-wheeled freedom machine safe from the elements. A solid bike cover will provide a haven for that prized machine during the winter season. And even if you have a cozy garage, a bike cover will keep dust and debris off the bike while in hibernation.

 If the motorcyclist in your life is like me, then they are taking advantage of the off season to upgrade their bike and there are two things that make my life immensely easier when I’m doing everything from oil changes to engine work. The first is a flat jack. It steadies the bike even if it’s on a table lift and comes in extremely useful when you have to rotate the rear wheel for a variety of jobs. Second is a Condor wheel chock.These handy drive-in wheel chocks are basically a third set of hands when you need to keep the bike upright. You can just roll the bike right into the chock and step off and it stands alone. Combine these with the aforementioned flat jack and they make a dynamic duo of very handy garage help. 

 My last garage recommendation may be a bit trickier but they are infinitely useful. And that's specialty tools. These may be a bit tough to pick out, but if you ask a few well placed questions about what project your gift recipient is working on,  a J&P tech can point you in the right direction. It could be anything from a bearing puller for a cam installation to a piston ring compressor or hand pump brake bleeder. These are the types of tools you don’t use a lot so we bikers tend to not have them. But when you need them they are worth their weight in gold.

The Ride

Yes, holiday season may not exactly be prime riding season for most of us, but believe me when I tell you that every motorcycle owner is constantly thinking about riding their bike. And yes, bikers can be a picky bunch, but some items are handy for all bikers to have around. Here’s a list of items that can make any ride that much sweeter.

 A good bag that you can move from bike to bike is essential, in my book. And I don’t mean a gigantic stuff- your-next-two-weeks-of-clothes-in-for-a-long- trip bag. Just a nice small around- town bag can be great for taking an extra layer in case the weather changes or to make grabbing a six pack easier. And my go-to bag for just those occasions is the Biltwell EXFIL 7. It holds enough for cruising around town and easily moves from bike to bike.

No matter how far someone is going, a good disc lock is nice to have for peace of mind. They don’t take up much space, are easy to put on and remove, and are much cheaper than having to replace your bike, or worse yet, deal with your insurance company.

 Although I’m not a huge fan of mixing cell phones and motorcycles, let's face it, they do come in handy for navigation, or listening to favorite tunes while cruising around. Having a secure place to hold a phone on a bike can be really handy and keep your favorite motorcyclist's attention on the road instead of fumbling with a phone. Rokform has been my phone case of choice for years, not just for the durability but also for its ability to mount securely to a motorcycle with a variety of mounts. 

While we’re talking about phones, your rider may enjoy a Bluetooth communicator. I’m not much for fielding phone calls while I’m on my bike, but playing music without the hassle of headphones is awesome. I use the Sena 10c Evo for the added bonus of having a camera at my fingertips. The benefit for you is that it also ensures you can get a hold of that wandering motorcyclist who’s on the receiving end of your gifts just a little easier. 

 A tool roll seems like a no brainer to me but a lot of folks on bikes don’t own one. If the biker in your life is planning on taking any type of trip, this is a great addition to their load out. You can buy them with or without tools included and it's for the peace of mind of knowing you’re prepared should anything go wrong on the road.

 If you don’t want to go all in on a heavy tool roll for short trips, having a multi tool in a jacket pocket is a great way to keep small problems from becoming big ones. Being able to tighten a loose bolt or screw, cut off a zip tie with ease or even fix a stuck zipper on a jacket can be made much easier with a simple multi tool. My go to is a Leatherman Signal, but they offer a huge range of sizes and tool types to fit a variety of needs. 

Bonus Items

 This may seem like I’m gratuitously serving up some home cooking here but a great all- around gift for any biker would be an RPM membership. It really is the perfect gift for any biker. It gets them discounts on parts and gear, cash back on purchases, free two-day shipping, a free REVER membership, discounts on bike rentals, exclusive content and a ton of other perks. If you really are stumped on what to buy a biker, this is a can’t miss option.

My final suggestion may seem a bit presumptuous, but you’re going to have to trust me on this one. Buy them a motorcycle trip. In my mind, it’s the absolute best gift to buy a biker, and there are lots of alternatives constantly popping up around the country, including semi-guided experiences that get you in the wind with like- minded people to see the greatest country in the world the best way possible, on the back of a motorcycle. My personal favorite trip is The Devilstone Run, a motorcycle camping adventure across the incredibly gorgeous state of Wyoming. The people are great, the hosts provide campsites, shuttle buses to and from local drinking establishments, breakfast in the morning and a few dinners. It’s one of my favorite trips of the year, but space is limited, so you have to get a spot quick. 

Hopefully this has given you some insight on what to buy this holiday season for the biker in your life. And if I could be so bold as to give one more piece of unsolicited advice for this holiday, maybe try spending some more time on a bike of your own next year and maybe you will be the recipient of some rad gifts a year from now. Happy Holidays!

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