You don't have to break the bank to get a quality motorcycle helmet. Here's 10 motorcycle helmets under $250, including half-shells and full-face, with a range of features like drop-down visors and removable chinbars.

Half Helmets Under $250

Bell Pit Boss

Average Price: $135
Outfitted with a unique Speed Dial fit system to help you literally dial in the fit, a drop-down sun shade for sunny days, and a neck curtain for chilly days, the Pit Boss is a versatile option with classic half helmet styling from the company that basically invented the motorcycle helmet.

Scorpion EXO Covert

Average Price: $225
While $225 might seem like a lot for a "half helmet" the Covert is truly a whole lot more. With its removable neck curtain and face mask, the Covert can transform from half, to open-face, to full-face in a snap. It also sports a drop-down visor, and includes both clear and dark shields. With its modern, edgy styling, the Covert is a good option for those who don't toe the line.

HJC IS-Cruiser

Average Price: $100
With nearly 50 years of experience, HJC excels in providing helmets which offer a second-to-none bang for the buck. The IS-Cruiser is no different, and sports a CAD-designed polycarbonate shell, moisture-wicking liner, and drop-down shield in a high-quality package for around $100.

Open-Face Helmets Under $250


Average Price: $90-100
The OF77 is a sharp, sporty, feature-packed option for those looking for an open-face helmet. With tons of venting, a removable Coolmax moisture-wicking liner, a hinged face shield, drop-down sun visor, and Bluetooth-ready speaker pockets, GMAX delivers the goods.

Biltwell Bonanza

Average Price: $100
Biltwell's Bonanza helmets have been the go-to lid for riders with classic tastes for nearly a decade. It's a no-frills helmet, with nothing more than the old school three snaps to add your choice of visor or bubble shield. Available in a wide array of retro, candy, metal flake, and custom paint schemes, Biltwell constantly refreshes the product line with slick new colors that are sure to wow your riding buddies.

Full-Face Helmets Under $250

Icon Airflite

Average Price: $250
The most expensive helmet on our list at exactly $250, the Icon Airflite is in that position for good reason. Not only does it sport unique, aggressive, styling, but it's packed with features. Polycarbonate shell, drop-down sun shield, removable moisture-wicking liner, removable breath deflector and chin curtain, and a powerful 2-channel cooling system, the Airflite has to be worn to be believed. In classic Icon style, it's also available in some wild graphics.

Bell Qualifier

Average Price: $115
I have a personal bias toward the Qualifier, as it's the helmet that saved my life in 2017. Bell's quality is legendary, and the Qualifier punches well above its weight class and feels like a premium helmet for an entry-level price. It's relatively no-frills, but offers a great all-rounder package. For enhanced versatility, you can even add Bell's ProTint photochromic shield which automatically changes from light to dark and back again based on the lighting conditions, and keep the price under $250.


Average Price: $100
Modern and feature-rich at an entry-level price, HJC's CS-R3 delivers a bang-for-the-buck that rivals Bell's Qualifier. With a wide range of visibility, advanced ventilation, aerodynamic design, and removable breath guard and chin curtain, the top-notch CS-R3 is impossible to beat in the sub-$100 range.

Modular Helmets Under $250


Average Price: $150
Lightweight (relative to modular helmets), versatile, and packed with the features you'd expect from a modular helmet, the CL-MAX 3 proves modular helmets don't have to be expensive. What stands out about the CL-MAX 3 is  the QuickSlide HJ-17 shield used on the helmet is not only innovative and easy to use, but is available in a Pinlock version, expanding the versatility of an already versatile helmet.

Fly Racing Tourist

Average Price: $110
The Fly Tourist is a unique multi-season helmet that caters to many different styles of riders. It features a slim clip-in chin bar to transform it from an open-face helmet to a full-face. It also includes a peak visor that can be swapped for the face shield for even more versatility. There's also a removable chin curtain and breath box included. The Fly Tourist does a lot, and at $110, doesn't ask for much in return.