One thing about technology, what’s new today is old tomorrow. Just last year we launched a comprehensive Bluetooth Communications Buyers Guide, but since then, a whole new wave of motorcycle Bluetooth devices have been released. Luckily, we’ve been keeping the throttle pinned trying to stay on top of the latest developments in Bluetooth communicators in order to help you find the best motorcycle Bluetooth available, be it budget-priced or top-of-the-line. Our most recent efforts include a Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Buyers Guide and How to Add Bluetooth to a Motorcycle Helmet articles, and now we’ve pieced together a 2020 Bluetooth Communications Buyers Guide with the latest and greatest motorcycle Bluetooth systems to hit the market.

Bargain-Priced Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Communicators

UCLEAR Motion 4 Lite Bluetooth Communication System (J&P Part #540-1281)

If you’re looking for an affordable motorcycle Bluetooth system, the UCLEAR Motion 4 Lite is a respectable baseline Bluetooth communication system. It allows riders to connect with up to four other people and is fully compatible with DynaMesh so the intercom will hop between riders. The UCLEAR Motion 4 Lite comes with a sweet set of Pulse Pro 2.0 ultra-premium speakers featuring advanced ABF noise cancellation so you can enjoy those tunes even more clearly. Its even got a fun little graphic equalizer riders can dink with in the CLEARLink mobile app. Range is around a half-mile and the battery is said to be good for about 18 hours. At $169.95, it’s the cheapest universal motorcycle Bluetooth system available in the 2020 crop.

HJC Smart 10B Bluetooth Communication System (J&P Part # 4403149)

HJC makes quality motorcycle helmets. It also has a motorcycle Bluetooth system made specifically for its helmets by Sena. The kit comes with everything needed to install in an HJC helmet, including both a wired and boom microphone. It can be paired with one other rider, even if they have a different brand of motorcycle Bluetooth. The HJC Smart 10B Bluetooth Communication System comes with music sharing, a pretty cool feature if you and your riding partner can agree on a playlist. At ¼-mile, it’s got the shortest range of the lot and is good for eight hours of talk time. At $125.99, it’s the least expensive of the new crop but is tailor-made for HJC's, so if you own an RPHA 11 Carbon (440-1863), RPHA 70 Carbon (440-1942), RPHA 90S Carbon (440-2039), i90 (440-2051), i10 (440-2264) or F70 (440-2618), you’re in luck.

Midrange-Priced Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Communicators

UCLEAR Motion 6 Single Bluetooth Communication System (J&P Part #540-1266)

Smack dab in between the UCLEAR Motion 4 Lite and top-shelf Motion Infinity Single is the UCLEAR Motion 6 Single Bluetooth Communication System. Like the Motion Infinity, the Motion 6 also has the “industry-first” motion gesture technology because pushing tiny buttons with bulky gloved fingers can be a real pain. The UCLEAR Motion 6 runs DynaMesh technology for almost limitless connections and its compatible with voice assistants. The major difference between it and the higher-priced UCLEAR Motion Infinity is it doesn’t have the crash detection and alert system. Beyond that, though, it has a weatherproof seal protecting your investment, charges in three hours and is reportedly good for 18 hours of talk time.

Sena Technologies 50R Single Pack Bluetooth Communication Device (J&P Part #540-1471)

Sena has a reputation for putting out some of the best motorcycle Bluetooth helmet communication systems. Sena Technologies 50R Single Pack Bluetooth Communication Device has a Mesh 2.0 intercom system so you can talk up to six other people at the same time. Better yet, riders can establish up to nine different intercom channels with Sena's 50R. It’s WiFi-enabled so it's easy to push the latest updated and has a built-in FM radio. High-def speakers ensure that streaming music’s coming through loud and clear. The Sena 50R has an impressive 1.2-mile range and comprehends voice commands in both Spanish and English.

UCLEAR Motion Infinity Single Bluetooth Communication System (J&P Part #540-1259)

Talk about next-level! The UCLEAR Motion infinity Single Bluetooth Communication System features the industry’s first “motion gesture technology” so riders have full control  without touching a button simply by using hand gestures. The UCLEAR Motion Infinity also has a crash detection and alert system which can sense if a rider's gone down and will send an alert. DynaMESH technology lets you connect to as many other riders as you want with a range of three-quarters of a mile. It’s claimed to charge in three hours and be good for 18 hours of talk time. Lots of premium features at a price point just below the premium threshold of $300.

Premium-Priced Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Communicators

Sena Technologies 50S Single Pack Bluetooth Communication System (J&P Part #540-1468)

Sena’s 50S is jam-packed with the same fine features as the 50R including the Mesh 2.0 intercom and the ability to communicate with six riders at the same on nine different intercom channels. The high-def speakers are said to be 7% louder than older models and it includes a WiFi adapter to keep firmware up to date as riders charge their device. Charging is supposedly 20% faster than prior systems. The primary difference between Sena’s 50S and 50R is the jog dial on the exterior of the unit itself. Besides that, beyond price point they’re pretty much the same. The 50R happens to be on sale right now so if having a jog dial isn’t important to you, going without will save you $50.

Sena Technologies 10C Evo Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera Communication System (J&P Part #510-0660)

When the topic of best motorcycle Bluetooth systems arises, Sena Technologies 10C Evo frequently pops up in conversation because in addition to being a Bluetooth communicator, it’s also a camera that takes both stills and videos. It can record a 125-degree field of view in Ultra HD at 30 fps or Full HD at 60 fps. The Sena 10c Evo charges fast at 2.5 hours and is said to be good for 20 hours of talk time. Range is one mile and it pairs with up to four riders. It’s got a built-in FM radio and an advanced noise cancellation system to help squash road noise. AT $399, it tops the price list of new-for-2020 motorcycle Bluetooth comms.