There’s no better way to see this beautiful country than from the back of a motorcycle and nothing beats a road trip on your bike. From the heat of the day to the cool of the night to the smell of a rainstorm in the distance, there’s an incomparable connection to your surroundings. Since many of us will be hitting the open road this summer, you’ll want to make sure your connection to the road is the best it can be, which means some new touring motorcycle tires may be in order. If you’re like me, I procrastinate until the last minute before mounting on some new tires, then wonder why I waited so long with the newfound grip levels. Get out there and check your tread and if you're in need, here’s a handful of the leading touring motorcycle tires for both V-Twin and sport riders. For more helpful information, be sure to check out our How to Choose Tires for Your Motorcycle article as well.

Motorcycle Touring Tires For V-Twin

Dunlop American Elite - Dunlop smartly designed and tested its American Elites right here in the good ol’ USA. Makes sense to test them on the roads and surfaces they will be ridden on. The Dunlop American Elite’s have 1,405 five-star reviews on J&P Cycles, a testament to their performance levels. They come in Blackwall, Narrow White Stripe and Wide Whitewall versions and of course fit most newer and some older Harleys but there's a few select sizes available for Indian and Victory (remember them?) motorcycles as well.

Metzeler CruiseTec Tires -

While the Metzeler CruiseTecs might be labeled a cruiser tire, they definitely lean toward the sport side of the equation. I pushed these tires to their limits in the Arkansas Ozarks during Metzeler's press launch and came away impressed with the grip they provide on their edges. Bryan Rastok was also there on behalf of J&P Cycles and came away with the same sentiments.

“I think these tires actually supersede what most V-Twin cruisers are capable of doing. This tire exceeded my expectations and made me rethink of what a cruiser tire is and is capable of,” wrote Rastok in his Metzeler CruiseTec Tire - Road Tested Review.

Michelin Commander III

Michelin just launched its Commander III tires in March during Daytona Beach Bike Week and though it might be the new kid on the block, it’s been a solid performer from the get-go. Two factors Michelin hyped regarding the Commander III’s was performance in wet conditions and longevity. I can attest for the Commander III’s high grip levels on a wet road and am currently 1,000 miles into testing them long-term, but Michelin had an outside company from Texas do a tread life test on its Commander III Tourers.

"For the independent test, a 2017 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic was used on surface roads around Dallas, Texas, where riders laid down 17,681 miles on them. I got to inspect those tires and though the middle was well-worn, the treads still had enough depth for a few more laps around the proverbial block."

Motorcycle Touring Tires For Sport Bikes

Dunlop Roadsport 2

We recently tested a set of Dunlop GPR-300 tires and found them to be a great bang for the buck. Considering the Dunlop Roadsport 2 Tires are a step up from the GPR-300’s, riders should expect a touring tire that warms up even quicker and improves on everything, from turn-in to stability. The Roadsport 2’s are available in a variety of popular sport bike sizes at a very attractive price point.

Metzeler RoadTec Z6

The Metzeler Roadtec Z6 Tire was designed to provide excellent grip in all weather conditions. In particular, Metzeler developed its tread pattern to maximize water dispersion at all lean angles. The tire features Metzeler’s Contour Modeling Technology which combines different profiles so the tires hold tight at those lean angles when it’s dry, too.  Its trifecta of carcass, compound, and tread pattern team together for a high mileage touring tire that should enjoy a long tread life.

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT

Last but not least on our list are the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Tires. For riders who push hard, the multi-purpose, dual-compound touring motorcycle tire has a tacky, soft rubber mix on the shoulders of the carcass for extra stability at lean. Speaking of lean, Michelin claims the Pilot Power 2CT’s are good for 51.2-degrees of lean angle in the dry and 43-degrees in the wet, reportedly a new benchmark for a hypersport tire. Who’s ready to test those lean angle claims?