The 2019 AIMExpo swept into Columbus, Ohio, last weekend, as manufacturers, dealers, exhibitors and enthusiasts gathered at the Greater Columbus Convention Center to check out the latest and greatest motorcycle goodies on the 2020 horizon. It was the quite the spectacle, from incredible custom motorcycles in the Shop Builders Invitational to an ever-increasing presence of electrics in the E-bike pavilion to the Sideways Saturday flat track races. If there wasn’t enough action going on inside the convention center, no less than nine manufacturers set up shop outside its doors with their fleet of demo bikes prepped and ready for test rides.

Of course, J&P Cycles’ Merchandising Team was circling the floors like hungry sharks scouting for the hottest new products. The AIMExpo is an ideal avenue for keeping your finger on the pulse of the motorcycle industry as reps are eager to showcase their latest wares. We asked our seasoned team of merchandising experts for a list of some of the products at the 2019 AIMExpo that caught their eye and here’s a few that stood out.

Hot New Products of the 2019 AIMExpo

1.    Denali Electronics CANsmart Canbus Controller

The CANsmart Controller gives motorcyclists custom control of up to four accessories or lights, be it factory passing lamps, auxiliary lights, horns, brake lights, or any other accessory. It’s a convenient plug-and-play system that works on both aftermarket and OEM accessories through either a motorcycle’s original switches or via Denali Accessory Manager Software. You can use preset features or customize it yourself, from dimming two different sets of lights independently to flash to pass to deceleration-activated “smart brake” technology.

2.    InView Wireless Helmet Brake Light and Turn Signal System

Sometimes a motorcycle’s brake lights are tucked up under the tail section or back fender and aren’t always as visible as they should be. To boost a rider’s visibility, inView has a created a wireless brake and turn signal system that connects to the back of your helmet. It’s easy to transfer from helmet to helmet and even has a “passive braking” function that senses when a rider’s downshifting and activates both the LED light on your helmet and your motorcycle’s brake light. It’s self-activated (there’s no on/off switch) and is based on a motorcycle transceiver unit that’s hard-wired but is said to be easy to install. We actually have one in-house and look forward to testing it out.

3.    Lexin Qi Wireless Charger for Ram X-Grip

Lexin Qi Wireless Charger can be added to any of RAM Mount’s popular X-Grip products without interfering with the function of the phone mount. Lexin says it won’t overheat your phone and has an additional USB port so you can charge more than one device simultaneously, but for the X-Grip mounted device it charges wirelessly.

4.    NVeyeTech Night Vision Camera

What’s that you say, how is night vision on a motorcycle possible? The NVeyeTech Night Vision system reportedly “increases distance and lateral visibility in low light to complete dark conditions by using IR light to illuminate animals and road hazards from a much greater distance so riders have more time to react safely.”  The system is said to provide over 500 feet of night vision visibility and flashes an alert when something is detected. It automatically records at a full HD 1080p and can report accident info to a designated contact or emergency service. It will display images straight to your phone or can be operated through an optional 8” tablet.

5.    Ciari Guitars Ascender Folding Guitar

For all you music-loving, motorcycle-riding guitar players out there, you’re going to dig Ciari Guitars Ascender Folding Guitar. This thing folds up conveniently without jacking up the strings so it can easily be stashed in a topcase or backpack. According to Ciari Guitars, a “concealed lever ‘detensions’ the strings and unlocks a hinge at the neck, which allows the guitar to bend completely backwards as the strings follow the fold under light tension.” Sure, it’s niche, but it’s also pretty damn cool, and rock & roll and motorcycles go together like peanut butter and jelly.

6.    Show Chrome 2” Handlebars

Looking for some big, bold handlebars for your motorcycle? Show Chrome’s got the answer with its beefy 2” Handlebars. The 2” thick bars fit both early and late models and are notched for throttle-by-wire and internal wiring. Comes in two flavors, either chrome-plated and shiny or with a satin black powdercoat finish.

7.    Cardo 3D Holographic Retail Display

OK, the last item on the list isn’t a motorcycle-related product, but it was definitely cool enough to share. Over at the Cardo Systems booth they had a 3D holographic display case that was totally new school as it projects dynamic images of the product’s functions and features. It’s the latest marketing tool for retailers that easily explains the benefits of the model in the case. Leave it to Cardo to keep it cutting edge.

Interesting new products and accessories weren’t the only thing on display at the 2019 AIMExpo as manufacturers were eager to showcase their latest motorcycles, too. Honda North America had a particularly noticeable presence, which isn’t a surprise seeing how it’s manufacturing facility in nearby Marysville, Ohio, was celebrating its 40th anniversary. Honda unveiled the 2020 Africa Twin at a special ceremony at the AMA Hall of Fame Museum and also had it prominently displayed at the show. Over at the Kenda booth was a rad little Honda Grom with a sidecar stacked with camping equipment. Industrial Moto and Kenda teamed up for the project as the Grom sports meaty Kenda Big Block tires while Industrial Moto builds and sells the sidecar attachment.

We can't wait to see the production version of BMW's R18 Concept cruiser. 

BMW brought its R18 Concept Bike to the show as anticipation builds around its Boxer Twin-powered cruiser making it into production. BMW has taken a savvy approach to building buzz around this bike, first giving Japan’s Custom Works Zon a prototype 1800cc engine to create a custom bike around. A particularly notable feature of this Boxer are the pushrods above its cylinders akin to BMW engines from the ‘60s. Then they gave one to Revival Cycles out of Austin, Texas, and gave them creative leeway to likewise build a custom bike featuring the prototype mill. BMW finally unveiled its own interpretation of the R18 Concept at the Concorso d'Eleganza back in May, the same motorcycle that was on display at the 2019 AIMExpo. It’s classic and contemporary at the same time, and we hope to ride one someday when it becomes a production model.

Other motorcycles that caught our eye include the new Suzuki Katana. True to the Japanese sword it’s named after, the 2020 Suzuki Katana looks like it can easily carve up a road. As mentioned before, electric motorcycles were prominently displayed at AIM, from Harley-Davidson’s recently launched LiveWire to Zero’s DSR Black Forest which is now being offered in the U.S. to Zero’s scintillating SR/F model.