We want to help you shop for a new Bluetooth Communication System for your helmet. If you're unfamiliar with what it is, it's fairly simple. Bluetooth allows you to interact with your phone or other riders when you're out on the road, so whether you want to listen to music, maybe a podcast when you're cruising by yourself, maybe you want to talk to a friend in tow, or make a phone call or receive one, Bluetooth communications will allow you to do that.

Watch our Bluetooth Communications Buyer Guide for a quick rundown of what to look for when shopping.

Typically when you go up in technologies and advancements, it's going to get you a better speaker, more audio output, and more features like wind cancellation and allow you to talk to larger groups of riders.We have different examples here: we have your entry-level, all the way up to the more advanced, and we're going to go through those features and show you how they work.

Sena SMH5-FM

First one I want to show you is the Sena SMH5-FM. Now this is a great one to start off with because it will fit any three-quarter to full-face helmet and it offers you some really good features at a good price. If you want to listen to music through your phone or if you want to make or receive phone calls, this will do it. This will also allow you to speak up to one other rider with a communication device. You have to be fairly close to do that though and I mean within 760 yards or 700 meters. It's not too bad, but at least you're talking to someone. The battery on this setup will give you seven hours worth of talk time as well, with a six day standby. So all in all, a pretty good package.

Cardo Freecom 1

Next, we have the Cardo Freecom1. Similar to the Sena I just showed you, this will allow you to listen to your music or GPS and also make and receive phone calls. Unlike the Sena, the Cardo does not allow you to talk to another rider, but that's okay, the trade off we're getting is a much longer battery life. With this unit, you're going to get up to 13 hours of talk time and a full week of standby. This is a great choice if you're a guy like me and just wants to get out on the road by yourself and listen to music or maybe your GPS.

Sena 20S Evo

Up next is the Sena 20S Evo . We're starting to get into bigger packs, meaning that we're going to have a little bit longer range, more battery life, and more features to include better speakers and microphones. Now with this one, we have a 1.2 mile intercom and that's going to reach up to eight different riders, so you're going to be able to talk to a lot more people over a greater distance. There's also this easy dial tab here which allows you to control your volume or swap your songs when you're listening to them. As the other ones reviewed have done, this will also allow you to listen to GPS, make and receive phone calls, or just listen to music.

Cardo Packtalk Bold

Coming up, we have the Cardo Packtalk Bold. We're going to get a little bit more features with this and that is the fact that it's voice operated. So whether you want to answer or decline phone calls or just say, "Hey Cardo, dial 'blank'," you're able to do that. This gives you a one mile range and you'll see that it has this little retractable antenna as well and that both helps with the range and something called dynamic mesh. What is dynamic mesh? Think of it as a big net that you're casting out and you're casting this net out within a mile. All other riders hooked up on that dynamic mesh system you'll be able to instantly connect to and speak to. Really good to know if there's traffic hazards, police up ahead, or anything you should be aware about. This has a 13 hour battery life. Within that mile range, you can connect up to 15 other riders.

Cardo Dynamic Mesh Communications
Cardo Packtalk Slim 

Another Cardo unit is the Packtalk Slim. This also has that dynamic mesh communication, allowing you to cast that net and speak up to 15 other riders in that mile range if you decide to. This will have 13 hours of talk time with one week of standby. Just like the others, you're able to listen to your phone, your GPS or music.

Sena 30K

Finally, we have the Sena 30K. This is going to take the dynamic mesh communications one step further. You have a 1.2 mile range, but you can also speak to both public and private. If you're public, in that 1.2 miles, it'll allow you to connect an infinite amount of users on the same setup. In private, you can speak up to 16 riders in your web. This also offers the hands-free communication saying commands. You can ask your phone to dial out, answer or decline phone calls, listen to your music or change your GPS.

Sena Dynamic Mesh Communications

Hopefully this will help you decide what kind of intercom will suit you best. It really isn't too intimidating, just figure out what you'll be using it for on a day-to-day basis and narrow it down from there. Head on over to J&P Cycles to get a set for your next ride.