We traveled to Southern California and visited Cobra USA's manufacturing facility to get the straight dope in its line of Big Ass Racks. Cobra's detachable rack and sissy bars are great for hauling luggage on road trips but clip right off when you don't need them.

“The detachable line of products has been really good for us and we decided to expand that, not just for baggers, but across the entire line. So we’ve got products for Sportsters, Dynas, Softails and we’re even coming out with a new line of products for the ’08 and earlier baggers because there’s so many of those on the market,” said Cobra’s Camron Bussard.

For the new and improved Big Ass Rack Cobra removed the kick on the traditional Big Ass Rack for a wider flatty version which gives riders more surface area to tie-down bigger bags. In addition to the revised Big Ass Rack, Cobra also created a cool detachable wrap-around rack for Milwaukee-Eight Softails. Cobra’s whipped up two versions of it, one that fits the stock Harley seat and another one for commonly used aftermarket seats. In addition to mounting a bag on it’ll help save the paint on the rear fender.

Complementing Cobra’s Big Ass Racks are its passenger back rests and sissy bar. Like the racks, the back rests are detachable and are available in black and chrome in various heights and different pad widths. All use the same quick-release, pull-pin mechanism.

We also caught up with Cobra in Daytona Beach during Bike Week where Bussard said Cobra’s Neighbor Haters ruled rally sales. Learn more in our Hottest Products of Daytona Beach Bike Week 2020 article  and our Cobra Neighbor Haters: Overview video.