Whether you’re a Lone Wolf or an Iron Butt rider, at some point and time, we all could use something to help shoulder the load when we’re on our motorcycles. Luckily, they make bags and motorcycle luggage for just about every occasion and every type of bike these days.  With that in mind, we chose a wide spectrum of bags for our buyers guide and divided them into three categories – Commuter/Day Trip, Weekend Getaway, and Road Tripper. The days are getting longer and riding season is right around the corner, and a good backpack or set of luggage can make life a lot easier when time comes to make that quick run to the grocery store or hit the road for the rally.

Commuter/Day Trip

Kuryakyn 3-Pouch Batwing Fairing Bag (Product Number 913-131)

Go to any major motorcycle rally and you’ll see Batwing fairings by the thousands. And while Harley baggers have plenty of storage, the cubby holes in the Batwing fairing are small. The Kuryakyn 3-Pouch Batwing Fairing Bag makes items like a phone, sunglasses, or keys quickly accessible. The center compartment has a zippered pocket for your most valuable items while all three close magnetically. Kuryakyn’s Batwing Fairing Bag also has an integrated channel to keep air from the Slipstream vent flowing and allows for full access to the vent adjustment button.

Kuryakyn Momentum Deadbeat Black Duffel Bag (Product Number 220-3444)

The Kuryakyn Momentum Deadbeat Black Duffel Bag is the perfect size to strap to your sissy bar. It’s a roll top bag so it’s easy to pack. It has adjustable bungees on the outside in case you want to add a bed roll and has both a handle and a removable shoulder strap to carry it with once you’re off the bike. The textile bag is water-resistant itself but comes with removable rain cover, too, in case it's seriously storming.

Icon Crosswalk Backpack (Product Number 510-1758)

I don’t know about you but I refuse to leave my helmet with my bike. Damn thing costs too much and with my luck I’d get a ticket to boot when I rode home without it. The Icon Crosswalk Backpack solves the problem because it’s designed to hold a motorcycle helmet and laptop. The shoulder straps and backpack are both well-padded. If you live in a state with no helmet law, it’s a great everyday bag for running around town. My wife’s been riding with her Icon backpack for years and still uses it today.

Kriega Urban WP Messenger Bag (Product Number 200-5007)

Messenger bags are handy because they’re quick and convenient, just toss it over your shoulder and go. The Kriega Urban WP Messenger Bag would be great for riders who commute to work. Kriega’s Messenger Bag is good-sized and has both a roll top and two buckles so ain’t nothing gonna fly out. Lightweight, durable, and smartly styled.

If you're interested in the Kriega Urban WP Messenger Bag, be sure to read our full review!

Leatherworks Swingarm Bag (Product Number 831-384)

If you ride a Harley Softail, Leatherworks Swingarm Bag is a heavy-duty leather bag that straps directly to your swingarm via four belts. Toss your tool roll in there, some duct and electric tape, maybe a hammer, too, and you’re ready for whatever the road throws at you. Two big buckles make you’re your contents are secure and give it classic ruff-rider style.

Burly Brand Voyager Black Handlebar Bag (Product Number 360-2819)

If you want something small and totable that you can strap on your bars in a snap consider a Burly Brand Voyager Black Handlebar Bag. Made of long-lasting Cordura, it’s got two zippered pockets and mounts by way of four Velcro straps. While you can rig it to almost any bars, it’s tailor-made for T-bars and is small enough to carry around off the bike without much hassle.

Weekend Getaway

Givi GRT715 Gravel-T Tanklock 20L Waterproof Tank Bag (Product Number 440-3288)

The Givi GRT715 Gravel-T Tanklock 20L Waterproof Tank Bag has a lot going for it. It mounts on the flange of your fuel cap so there’s no magnets or extra straps. It has a transparent outer pocket which is perfect for smart phones or maps. It holds more stuff than most tank bags and has a convenient handle to carry it around with. And it’s waterproof!

Kriega US-20 Drypack  (Product Number 400-2975)

Patrick’s predilection for Kriega bags started with a US-20 Drypack. He likes that it’s modular and incredibly adaptable to all sorts of bikes. Modular means you can use it by itself or connect it to other Kriega Drypacks. In his review Pat states “The way the bags are designed and the straps that come with them make it easy to mount on any type of bike. All the bags, the US-10, US-20 and US-30 are designed to attach to each other either by stacking them on top of each other or on the sides of a Drypack like saddlebags.” Pat’s a road warrior who’s hard on gear, so if he gives something his stamp of approval, that’s saying something.

Kuryakyn Momentum Road Warrior Bag  (Product Number 160-1369)

One of the best things about the Kuryakyn Momentum Road Warrior Bag is you can still get to things inside after it’s strapped on your bike. Kuryakyn’s Road Warrior Bag has eight external stash pockets, two bottle pockets, and three separate zippered openings to the main compartment. It’s got a padded media compartment for laptops and overall is a big bag with lots of storage. External bungees give it even more while a tethered rain cover will keep your goods from getting soaked.

Saddlemen BR3400 Backrest Seat & Sissybar Bag  (Product Number 831-684)

The Saddlemen BR3400 Backrest Seat & Sissybar Bag comes with two quick-detach mounting systems so you can attach it directly to your seat or sissy bar. It’s got a big top-loading main compartment that could easily hold a full-face helmet plus some. What’s cool about this bag is it comes with a small adjustable backrest pad to double its functionality. There are pockets galore - five external, five internal mesh pockets, and two outer mesh pockets. It also comes with a mini-padlock.

Road Tripper

Nelson-Rigg Route 1 Traveler Tour Trunk Bag (Product Number 240-4441)

The Nelson-Rigg Route 1 Traveler Tour Trunk Bag is for the serious traveler when a Tour-Pak and saddlebags just aren’t quite enough. Mounts on top of your luggage rack. Big enough to hold two full-face helmets, it has an additional 3” expansion area that bumps up capacity from 63 liters to 73.5 liters. You can unzip it and flip the top up to access contents without taking it off the bike and has reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility.

Biltwell EXFIL-115 Bag (Product Number 510-1894)

I can personally vouch for the Biltwell Exfil-115 Bag because it was my go-to all last summer. I like the duffel bag’s versatility. You can pack a little, pack a lot, tighten the roll top down, grab it and go. I’ve stuffed it with riding gear and clothes, flown to my destination, then broke out my gear, rolled it back down, thrown it on the bike, and rode off. It’s got a ton of loops up each side which gives you lots of options for tying it down. It’s durable and waterproof, a claim I tested more than once.

Kuryakyn XKursion XW Porter Bag  (Product Number 305-2106)

The Kuryakyn Xkursion XW Porter Bag can be stored on the top or inside of tour trunks, on passenger seats or can be strapped to a luggage rack. It’s got two separate storage compartments and has a padded storage pocket big enough for a 15” laptop. When you get off the bike, set it on the ground, extend its telescopic handle, and roll away. This last feature makes it a great bag if you frequently fly and ride like me.

Saddlemen Highwayman Saddlebag  (Product Number ZZ83236)

The Saddlemen Highwayman Saddlebag is a classic-styled saddlebag you throw over your back fender. The inner panels are reinforced and the plastic backing is rigid to help the bags maintain their shape. Two buckles strap ‘em down and you’re ready to ride. They’re easy to pull off once you get to your favorite rally. While they are universal fit, you will need to purchase bike-specific saddlebag guards separately. Luckily, the bags are fairly affordable which makes the extra purchase a little easier to swallow.