Just how much do you love dear ol' biker dad? Now's your opportunity to show him. Father's Day is right around the corner, so if your father (or husband) is a motorcyclist and you're scouting for gift ideas, we're here to help. We've picked out a wide range of Father's Day gifts for your perusal, starting at just over $20 and climbing all the way to almost $400! And if something on this list doesn’t tickle your fancy, be sure to check out J&P Cycles' even more extensive bonanza of Father's Day Gifts.

Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

J&P Cycles Men's Old & Dirty Black T-Shirt (Product Number 360-0914) $22.99

Biker dads can never have too many t-shirts. Just about any grizzled rider relates to “Old & Dirty.” Tell him “Look dad, it’s you” when you hand it to him with a smile.

Cycle Care C6 Carbon Detailer (Product Number 540-1013) $24.95

Help dad spiff up his prized possession with some Cycle Care C6 Carbon Detailer. This carbon-based motorcycle detailer will lay down a serious sheen that doesn’t wash off and helps protect precious paint jobs. The C6 Carbon Detailer was a hot ticket item at Bike Week.

ICON Men’s Twenty-Niner Gloves (Product Number 220-3009) $35

Dad’s hands are valuable tools. Help keep them protected with a pair of ICON Twenty Niner Gloves. These are a great set of summer riding gloves because the mesh allows for plenty of air flow. The stylish Twenty Niner Gloves have a protective leather palm and thermoplastic rubber knuckle armor to help keep dad’s hands from harm.

Nelson-Rigg Defender Deluxe Black Motorcycle Cover (Product Number 920-124) $44.99

Dad’s bike is his pride and joy. Show his motorcycle some love with a Nelson-Rigg Defender Motorcycle Cover. Lightweight and water-resistant, the Nelson-Rigg motorcycle cover comes with a convenient carry-all if dad wants to pack it along on a road trip. One-inch grommets at the wheels and an elastic band around the base keep the cover in place even when it’s a little blustery out.

Pro Pad Tour Pack Solid Flag Mount with 6″ x 9″ American Flag (Product Number 803-033)  $49.99

For patriotic dads who like to fly the red, white and blue proudly, a 6”x 9” American flag for their motorcycle is just the ticket. The Pro Pad Tour Pack Solid Flag Mount is made of heavy duty, hand-polished stainless steel and is easy to install. The 4th of July is right around the corner, too, so you can score double brownie points.

Father’s Day Gifts $50 -100

Dixxon Men's J&P Cycles Exclusive 40th Anniversary Flannel (Product Number 280-3126) $59.99

Dear ol’ dad will look super snazzy in a J&P Cycles 40th Anniversary Dixxon Flannel. Dixxon’s Signature D-Tech material is super comfy, ruggedly durable and styling’s on-point.

Ciro Smartphone/GPS Holder with Black Perch Mount (Product Number 240-3828) $64.99

Smartphones have become a valuable asset for riders, but it doesn’t do any good stashed away in a pocket. A Ciro Smartphone/GPS Holder with Black Perch Mount will place dad’s phone in plain view and within arm’s reach on the handlebars. Adjust it for the size of your phone once then all you have to do is flip the lever to lock it into place. The Ciro ball mount ensures he can get it adjusted to his liking.

Kuryakyn ISO Black Grip Set (Product Number 502-526) $71.99

A new set of motorcycle grips is a great way to add a little custom flair. Kuryakyn’s ISO Black Grip Set hits the mark on many fronts. They look cool, they’re comfortable in-hand, the uniquely designed cushion of the ISO-Grip cuts down vibrations and they're non-slip. Dad’s hands will be doing the happy dance!

Willie & Max Black Swingarm Bag (Product Number 632-661) $97.99

If by chance dad rides a Harley-Davidson Softail (go ask him if you don't know), this classic buckle-style Willie & Max Swingarm Bag would look great on his motorcycle. Besides its timeless look, it gives dad a place to toss his tool bag or a few other necessities. Easy to toss on, easy to take off, having a little extra storage space is always a boon.

Leatherworks, Inc. Tool Bag (Product Number 831-329) $95

Speaking of tool bags, Leatherworks, Inc. Tool Bag is big enough to hold everything dad will need for basic roadside repairs. This bag’s gotten 20 reviews on J&P Cycles, all five stars. That speaks volumes about its quality. The leather is thick yet supple. It’s stitched together solidly and provides more storage than other traditional tool bags.

Father’s Day Gifts Over $100

BikeMaster Digital Torque Wrenches (Product Number 742-432) $107.96

If dad loves to wrench on his motorcycle, BikeMaster’s Digital Torque Wrenches are guaranteed to put a grin on his face. Hitting tolerances is important when you’re working on your bike, and this multi-purpose wrench will make sure everything’s tightened down to spec. In addition to an easy-to-read digital display, the wrenches have an alarm and flashing red light to let dad know when the set torque value has been reached.

Wiley X Brick Sunglasses with Light-Adjusting Lens (Product Number 140-475) $134.99

Ask dad if he’s ever been caught out riding after dark without a set of clears to wear. I’d wager just about all of them have at some point or another. The Wiley X Brick Sunglasses have a light-adjusting lens so dad won’t have to carry an extra pair of riding glasses. The Wiley X’s seal up around the eyes and have a light-adjusting smoke grey lens that exceeds high velocity impact safety ratings.

Burly Brand Voyager Voyager Dark Oak Sissy Bar Backpack (Product Number 360-2810) $159.99

Backpack, sissy bar bag, duffel, the Burly Brand Voyager Sissy Bar Backpack does it all. It’s gotten hidden backpack straps if pops wants to toss it over his shoulders, has a leather-wrapped side grab handle if he wants to carry it like a duffel, and comes with a couple tie-down straps to cinch it to a sissy bar. Made of cotton canvas, it’s versatile, practical, and fashionable.

Kuryakyn Momentum Outrider Throw-Over Saddlebags (Product Number 220-1111) $206.99

Some dads like to take road trips but don’t want a set of saddlebags cluttering up their bike’s backside. Kuryakyn’s Momentum Outrider Throw-Over Saddlebags are an ideal solution. These textile saddlebags will easily hold enough essentials for four or five days on the road. They come with a fully adjustable mounting belt for easy installation and removal without requiring hardware or support brackets. The forward-facing stash pockets are a nice touch.

Bell Broozer Free Ride Matte Gray/Black Full Face Helmet (Product Number 440-1310) $229.95

While dad waits for Top Gun: Maverick to come out in December, he can channel his inner jet fighter for Father’s Day with this Bell Broozer Helmet. This helmet can convert from an open-face to full-face helmet in a snap, and both are DOT-approved. It has a built-in drop-down visor and a furrowed EPS liner that helps channel air flow over the top of the head. And did we mention its got fighter plane panache?

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Sena Technologies 10S Dual Pack Bluetooth Communication System (Product Number 744-953) $395.09

For tech-savvy dads, a Bluetooth helmet communication system is right up his alley. Sena Technologies 10S Dual Pack Bluetooth Communication System allows him to talk up to four other riders from as far away as a mile apart (according to Sena). With the 10S, dad can make and receive phone calls while he’s riding, stream music or nav, or communicate with other riders. It comes in a pair, so make sure to give one to mom so she can always be in his ear. Happy Father’s Day!!