By Bryan Rastok

HJC Helmets

As the largest and most well-known helmet name in the motorcycle industry, HJC helmets has been saving lives for 48 years. Within the two wheel community, HJC provides all rider types with a style to choose from and at a price point that fits your needs. Prices range from budget-friendly all the way up to top-shelf lids with cutting edge technology in a variety of styles including licensed Marvel, DC, Pixxar and Star Wars graphics. This guide will help narrow down the many options to choose from and familiarize you to which HJC helmet fits your riding needs. Let's keep it simple, starting with half helmets and working our way up to the full race line.

HJC Half Helmets

HJC CS-2N -With a thermoplastic alloy shell, the CS-2N offers a lightweight, superior fit with maximum comfort. Underneath the aerodynamic and removable visor are two vents to allow additional cooling to the rider's head. Combine the airflow with the sweat-wicking interior for a comfortable and most importantly funk-free ride. To add to the comfort, the CS-2N has a removable neck curtain which covers your ears during colder rides.


HJC IS-Cruiser -Using a lightweight poly carbonate shell that is CAD designed for maximum comfort, the IS-Cruiser is a subtly advanced half helmet. Sweat-wicking interior? Check.  Removable visor? Check. Internal tinted drop-down shade? Hold up, what? That's right, this sleek half helmet hides a drop-down sun shade that is great for those who don't want to pack extra glasses.

HJC IS-Cruiser

HJC Open Face Helmets

HJC IS-5 -Keep it classic with the IS-5. This retro open face helmet is of lightweight polycarbonate design and accommodates any three-snap visors.


HJC CL-Jet -The CL-Jet is a great value for those looking for modern tech, but are price conscientious. The polycarbonate helmet is lightweight and offers venting in the front and rear. Having a scratch resistant shield that doesn't distort the road makes for a great riding experience.


IS-33 II -This open face motorcycle helmet has been around for a very long time, and while it has gone through updates, it is still a favorite among riders. The Is-33II is packed with everything a dedicated rider needs: One touch drop -own sun shade, optically correct visor, ventilation and a plush interior.


HJC FG-Jet -The "FG" Stands for fiberglass, so this is an upgrade to their open face line and boy is it ever an upgrade. This thing has three large vents in the front and a large exhaust in the rear which aide in massive airflow. The scratch resistant shield doesn't distort your vision and provides the rider with nothing but the open road. A single switch pulls down the integrated sun shade and that same switch sends it back with ease. The interior is plush and moisture wicking, but even more important is the fit. With three shell sizes and interchangeable padding, the perfect fit can be achieved for any rider. All that's left is choosing your Top Gun call sign.


HJC Modular Helmets

IS-MAX II is another example of a crowd favorite that has been updated through the years. The IS-MAX II is a lightweight polycarbonate design that's comfortable and practical. Its one touch chin bar release is easy to use with a gloved finger. The same goes for the venting and internal sun shade, just a quick spring loaded flick. The plush and moisture wicking interior is great for comfort, but HJC really thought ahead and even designed in slots for riders who wear glasses.


CL-MAX 3 -While not as feature or vent heavy as its peers, this modular is for those that are price sensitive but want the most bang for their buck. With a great price point and features like a one touch chin bar release, internal drop-down sun shade and an advanced channeling ventilation system, the CL-MAX 3 is hard to beat for the money.


HJC Full Face Helmets

i70 -The is70 is an entry level price point helmet that offers great comfort and style. HJC saves you money by using a polycarbonate shell and limiting the venting and features. That said, this helmet is a lightweight and comfortable lid with plenty of design/style options. Versatility is added with PinLock shield capability and an internal drop-down sun shade.

HJC is70 with DC Comic's The Flash graphics

CL-17 -Built for the rider more interested in performance than frills while also price savvy. The CL-17 boasts lots of venting and an aerodynamic design. This allows the rider to cut through the wind and get maximum airflow. By losing the drop-down sun shade, this polycarbonate helmet is both DOT and SNELL approved. Available in both solid colors and wild graphics.

HJC CL-17 Marvel's Punisher

C70 -This is a great choice for those who are interested in the sport-touring category. It offers a great shape that cuts through the wind and large vents to keep you cool when tearing it up. The plush interior, PinLock ready shield and drop-down sun shade make it great for touring.


FG-17 -If you haven't skipped ahead of the class in this article, you will know that FG stands for fiberglass and know that the FG-17 is the next step up in HJC full face. The FG-17 is the first tier in full face helmets with fiberglass construction, meaning you are getting better materials but keeping the price sane by cutting back on features. That said, this helmet is still equipped with a PinLock ready visor, removable liner and large intake vents. Oh yeah, and some pretty wicked designs.

HJC FG-17 Marvel's Ghost Rider

IS-17 -Another polycarbonate helmet with a drop-down sun shade, this full face stands out with a Super Cool liner and PinLock ready shield.


CS-R3 -This is your entry level full face that saves cost and remains a solid helmet by not adding many extras. The CS-R3 features an optically-correct shield and plush liner with easy to use vents.


CL-Y -Have a kid interested in riding? If so, there aren't many options in the market to SAFELY equip your spawn. Luckily HJC has youth sized helmets designed for smaller heads. They don't just cram a bunch of padding into an extra small helmet, the shells are designed and sized to form to a smaller head shape. With youth sizes small, medium and large, you can take your young rider right into adult sizes without compromising safety.

HJC CLY Youth Helmet

RPHA Series. Saving the best for last

HJC has always produced a quality helmet with exceptional value, but to advance their status as a "premium" brand they needed to be innovative. The RPHA (Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advanced) line offers some of best performance in terms of ventilation, weight, and quietness, all while staying true to their "value" price points.

RPHA 90 -Reinforcement materials, including Carbon and Carbon-Glass Hybrid fabric, provide enhanced Shock-Resistant performance, more comfort, and lightness. The RPHA 90 Modular helmet is not only light and comfy, but comes with amenities like an internal drop-down sun shade and a PinLock ready faceshield. Large vents on the chin and crown are easy to use and effective.

Rule the galaxy in the RPHA 90 Star Wars Darth Vader theme. 

RPHA ST -Featuring a matrix of carbon fiber, Aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric create a remarkably strong yet extremely lightweight shell designed for superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology. The RPHA ST has large venting, street design aerodynamics, practical drop-down sun shade and a PinLock faceshield.


RPHA 70 ST  -Taking more of the shell shape of its race-ready counterpart RPHA 11 Pro, the RPHA 70ST splits the difference between everyday practicality and high speed performance. A premium integrated matrix of reinforcement materials, including carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fabric, provide enhanced shock-resistant performance, more comfort, and lightness. Wind tunnel tuned aerodynamics and multiple, large vents provide the rider with top notch stability and ventilation. A drop-down sunshade and PinLock faceshield make it great for everyday use.


RPHA 11 PRO -Meant to protect the fastest riders in the world, HJC held nothing back when creating its tier 1 performance lid. The RPHA 11 Pro is exceptionally lightweight with a narrow profile. I can vouch for this helmet personally because I raced wearing one of these for two years and found it to be one of the best performing helmets I have competed with. Being so light and the profile being so small, it almost felt like I wasn't wearing a helmet. The helmet cut through the wind with no buffeting and the PinLock shield is a must-have and very welcomed. Although the vents are almost hidden in the profile of the helmet, the RPHA 11 Pro flows a lot of air. The interior multi-cool liner is also anti-microbial, so it does a good job at staying fresh and keeping your face dry.

Use this guide for a quick breakdown to the vast HJC lineup. First, know your riding style and uses, then narrow it down to your budget. HJC surely has a helmet for you.