Yippee-ki-yay, it’s that time of year again. While whether or not Die Hard is one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time is debatable, what isn’t debatable is that J&P Cycles sent us over a great list of Christmas gifts for women riders. There’s something for everyone, from gear to accessories to utility items. The clock is a-tickin’, but there’s still time to get these by Christmas time if you hurry, so don’t delay. Now where’s my Die Hard DVD.

Speed and Strength Women’s Double Take Olive Textile/Leather Jacket  $199.95     (Product No. 166-9217)

Just because there’s a chill in the air doesn’t mean it’s time to stop riding. Sooner or later the sun’s going to peak out, the road’s will be dry, and the call to go for a ride will be irresistible. The Speed and Strength Double Take is a textile jacket with leather accents and a removable liner with a hoody, perfect for this time of year because when there’s a chill in the air, it’s all about the layers. Vault CE-approved shoulder, elbow, and spine protectors come with the package. Even Ebenezer can’t complain about buying a quality riding jacket for just two bills.

Z1R Savage Black Leather Boots $149.95     (Product No. 350-0583)

Z1R takes the traditional biker boot a step further with its Savage Black Leather Boots. They’re made from a waterproof full-grain leather and have an oil-resistant outsole. Stylish laces run 16” up the leg but luckily you don’t have to undo all those laces every time you put them on because they zip up, too. A fresh take on a classic look, the Z1R Savage Black Leather Boots have style for miles.

Cardo Freecom 2 Plus Duo Bluetooth Communication System  $287.96      (Product No. 350-0207)

Now you can literally have Christmas carols stuck in your head thanks to Cardo’s Freecom 2 Plus Duo Bluetooth helmet comms. Granted, it does have a built-in FM radio and you can stream your favorite tunes through it, but it also allows you to communicate with other riders who have a helmet comm because it connects to any Bluetooth headset. Cardo increased its range to over a quarter-mile, it’s good for 13 hours of talk time, and comes with two comm systems, one for you, one for your bestie.

Ciro Chrome Big Ass Drink Holder with Perch Mount $79.99     (Product No. 280-2078)

It’s not easy riding all around the world in one night delivering presents to good girls and boys, so Santa mounted a Ciro Chrome Big Ass Drink Holder on his sleigh to hold his big cans of Monster Energy. You, too, can be like Santa and bring your favorite beverage along for the ride with this easy-to-mount drink holder which secures a 30 oz. tumbler and other large cups.

Wild Ass Smart Design AirGel Air Cushion Seat Pad  $174.99     (Product No. 755-073)

Anything that makes life in the saddle more comfortable gets two thumbs up! The Wild Ass Smart Design AirGel Air Cushion Seat Pad will make those long rides more enjoyable thanks to gel pads in each air cell and three layers of polyurethane. Comes off quick and easy so could double for sleigh rides, too!

Kuryakyn Passenger Armrests  $283.49     (Product No. ZZ85500)

Passenger accommodations on Honda’s GoldWing are already pretty cush, but if you want to make it even more Barcolounger, Kuryakyn has a great set of padded passenger armrests. They mount to the GoldWing’s topcase, look like they came straight from the factory, and swing out to make it easy climbing aboard. It even comes with a swing-out cupholder! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Vance & Hines Eliminator 400 Slip Ons Chrome with Chrome End Caps  $499.99     (Product No. 833-400)

Dress up the look of your Harley bagger with some shiny chrome and enjoy extra horsepower and torque to boot. The Vance & Hines Eliminator 400 Slip Ons are a sharp-looking set of 4” round mufflers with CNC-machined billet end caps. From exhaust note to performance gains, Vance & Hines makes some of the best pipes in the biz. As Cyndi Lauper says, girls just want to have fun, especially when they’re rippin’ around on their bad-ass bagger!

Vance & Hines Code REaD Can Bus Diagnostic Tool  $99.99     (Product No. 200-5008)

With a Vance & Hines Code REaD Can Bus Diagnostic Tool there’s no need to panic if the check engine light comes on your Harley. This tool will pull the codes so you can figure out what’s going on, clears the codes and resets them. The V&H code reader displays live sensor data, RPM, cylinder head temperature, voltage, gear selection, and more on your smartphone. If you love to wrench on your Harley, this is an invaluable tool.

Arlen Ness Method Clear Sucker in Gold  $377.96     (Product No. 420-0995)

While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, gold is a close second. The Arlen Ness Method Big Sucker Clear has a transparent faceplate so you can see what’s going on inside your intake and its billet aluminum housing sports a gold finish. Having a few more ponies to play with never hurts, either, and Big Suckers are known for boosting power. If you’ve got diamond-cut cylinder heads on your bike, now you can have diamond and gold!

Burly Brand Outlaw Fairing  $199.95     (Product No. 912-279)

Inject attitude into your Sportster or Dyna and get a little protection from buffeting at the same time with a Burly Brand Outlaw Fairing. John McClane would definitely approve of this black, club-style motorcycle fairing.

RAM Mount Tough-Claw Mount with X-Grip Cradle for Large Phones  $60.99     (Product No. 901-632)

From running nav to streaming music, smartphones are an essential tool for the modern rider, but your phone’s not doing you much good if it’s sitting in your pocket. The RAM Mount X-Grip Tough Claw mounts to a motorcycle’s handlebars so your phone is visible and quickly accessible. This particular X-Grip cradle is made for big phones. It rotates and tilts so riders can adjust it until it’s just right! RAM Mounts make great stocking stuffers!

Custom Dynamics ProBeam Low Profile LED Taillight Smoke  $159.99     (Product No. 200-4935)

Light up the back of your bike like Rudolph’s red nose with a Custom Dynamics ProBeam Low Profile LED Taillight. Be more visible from behind thanks to five rows of light pipes that serve as a constant running light. Step on the brake and 25 separate LEDs light up. A smoked lens provides a custom look. Ho ho ho and away we go!

Lextek SP8C Carbon Fiber Hex Slip On  $329.99      (Product No. 360-0782)

What’s not to like about carbon fiber? Strong, lightweight, with a cool woven pattern, the Lextek SP8C Carbon Fiber Hex Slip Ons are a quick, easy way to add more grunt and growl to your sportbike. If you’re not familiar with this company out of the UK, be sure to check out Brent Brooks’ review because this company is an up-and-comer that’s undercutting the competition.

BikeMaster 2” Ratchet Tiedowns $34.16     (Product No. 213-882)

I’ve had regular tiedowns come loose on more than one occasion, so ratchets are the way to go. The BikeMaster 2” Ratchet Tiedowns will make sure your motorcycle isn’t going anywhere whether you’re hauling or wrenching. They’re rated for 2200 lbs. and are 84” long, almost long enough for Santa to cinch his big bag of toys down to the back of his sled.

BikeMaster 2-in-1 Tire Gauge  $32.36     (Product No. 424-876)

Here’s another great stocking stuffer. The BikeMaster 2-into-1 Tire Gauge measures tire pressure up to 60 psi and doubles as a tire depth indicator. Proper tire pressure can improve gas mileage and makes for better handling. A good tire gauge is a small token to let the rider in your life know you have their safety in mind.

Yippee-ki-yay, and Merry Christmas!