While riders come to Bike Week to get their party on, to check out bike shows and races, and to get some riding in, they’re also eager to deck out their rides with the latest and greatest aftermarket accessories. To find out what people are buying at Bike Week 2020, we took a stroll around the parking lot of J&P Cycles’ Daytona store and asked vendors there what the hottest selling products are. Here’s the buzz.

Arlen Ness – Over at Arlen Ness, Big Fat Tire Kits like the one we installed on the Buffalo Chip Legends Ride bike, are all the rage. Sales Manager Steve Watkins said riders are always looking for something new so they’ve been gravitating to the bolt-on fat tire kit. He also said the new Ness finishes, golds and blues, are doing well also, particularly on the MX-style floorboards.

Cobra – Camron Bussard said Neighbor Haters are ruling Bike Week. He said one customer saw a police bike outfitted with Neighbor Haters, went to Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson and bought a new bike, then literally drove it around the building and had Cobra throw on a set of Neighbor Haters. We know first-hand there’s been a lot of noise surrounding them because our Neighbor Hater video blew up soon as we posted it up!

Klock Werks – Brian Klock said lots of people are asking about Klock Werks Flare Windshield and KlipHanger Handlebars for the Indian Challenger. The Flare has a reputation as one of the best aftermarket windshields for baggers and tourers and riders love the KlipHangers because of their adjustability. Having your grips in the perfect spot makes a world of difference. Brian hasn’t even released the Indian Challenger KlipHangers yet but people are chomping at the bit to get their hands on them.  Brian also said their Shine Werks cleaner has been a big hit with the Bike Week crowd.

HogWorkz – Hogworkz Kyle Rowe said the Halomaker headlights and taillights are selling like hot cakes. I can see why. They look sharp and will give you a suntan if you stand in front of them. OK, they may not be as bright as the sun, but they do shoot out a serious beam. It comes with everything you need for installation and on most models is plug-and-play.

Craig Johnson and Callie Conklin from Wild Ass said its Smart Classic line is selling just fine. 

Wild Ass Seats - Craig Johnson, chief “Assologist” at Wild Ass, said anything in their Smart Classic line has been selling well. Callie Conklin added Wild Ass’ medical grade material functions better than anything on the market, and when people learn that they buy into it. One customer, Mark Stopkin from upstate New York, actually tracked Wild Ass down to share his story.

“I just wanted to tell you what a great experience I’ve had with my Wild Ass seat. It changed my motorcycling, I used to be uncomfortable all the time. Now I’m so comfortable on my motorcycle. After 20 years of riding and having a sore butt, the last few years of riding with my Wild Ass have been the most comfortable riding of my life.”

JRi Shocks – The hot ticket item over at JRi is their Dual Adjustable Shock for tourers. Det Cullum, VP of Operations, said riders who are looking for an improved ride and more adjustability are looking for something better than the stock shocks on their Harleys. No tools are needed to adjust spring preload on the JRi’s and they have 40 rebound adjustments so you can get your ride dialed in just right.

Custom Dynamics – Over at Custom Dynamics, its Pro Beam series is lighting up Bike Week sales. While the Pro Beam headlight is the biggest seller, Customer Service Rep Alex Long said the Pro Beam turn signals and saddlebag lights have also been getting a lot of attention. Gotta love that they’re plug-and-play and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

KST Kustoms – When we popped into the KST booth, Brent Kent, the “K” in KST, was busy throwing on a new 1 ½” bar on a Harley Road Glide. Great to see a hands-on owner. Kent said all of their 1 ½” stuff is doing well, and based on the bikes lined up at their booth waiting for new bars, I’d say he ain’t lying. He did point out two bars that were doing really well at the rally, the fully-adjustable Vanguard for Road Glides and the Bison bar for the Street Glide.

Saddlemen – Saddlemen Product Specialist Alex Fidram said their step-ups pretty much dominate the market. This statement was supported by the fact that beyond their display models, they’d already sold all the Saddlemen Step-Ups they had on-hand and were waiting for more to arrive. The Saddlemen Road Sofa is also a hot ticket item, as is their Tactical Luggage.

Bugslide – When we popped over to the Bugslide booth, Laurie “The Buglady” Ziegler was busily cleaning up a Harley tourer. When Ziegler’s not wiping down motorcycles, she serves as the National Sales Director for Bugslide. She said Bugslide’s Shop Kit with a 16 oz. bottle of cleaner and a microfiber towel were selling like hotcakes.

Memphis Shades – At Memphis Shades, owner Allen Mueller said they’d sold out of the SoCal, club-style Road Warrior Fairing and had to order more. The Road Warrior is 19” at its widest point and comes in three shades of black. And while it will deflect a little wind off your chest, I’m sure the Dyna bros are scooping them up just because they look bad-ass.

Mustang Seats – Mark Parnell with Mustang said the two most popular seats at Bike Week are the Deluxe Touring and Wide Tripper with diamond stitching. Both seats are not only sharp-looking, but they’re made to last. Mustang makes motorcycle seats with good old-fashioned New England values and take a tremendous amount of pride in their craftsmanship. Parnell also said a lot of people were checking out the Perewitz line. Dave P wouldn’t have his name associated with a product that didn’t live up to his standards. Mustang meets those standards.

Motorcycle Tires – You want tires, take your pick. Dunlop, Metzeler, and Michelin were all set up right outside the front door of J&P Cycles Daytona store. Dunlop was showcasing its American Elite while Metzeler was quick to point out the merits of its Cruisetec tire. Michelin was showing off its Commander III, a tire we just got done testing, so look for a review coming soon.

Our friends at 22Kill have also set up shop at our Daytona location. 22Kill is a wonderful non-profit organization that helps veterans and first responders through Wind Therapy. We’re so passionate about their mission, J&P Cycles kicked off the week by presenting a check for $17,000 to the program to fund wind therapy experiences for dozens of veterans and first responders. It’s amazing how therapeutic riding a motorcycle can be.