Icon Makes a Mean Leather Motorcycle Jacket

When it comes to motorcycle gear, next to the helmet, nothing is more iconic that the leather jacket. Speaking of icon and leather, we’ve had the Icon Daytona Jacket around for our latest rounds of bike testing.

It didn’t take much to talk our Editorial Director, Ken Hutchison, into the red leather jacket, as he is a fan of just about everything Icon. Throwing his arms through the leather sleeves and zipping up, Hutch often went full Icon during our street rides with the Daytona styling aiding and abetting his inner hooligan persona. Hutch was the perfect evaluator of the new Daytona, since he had used the previous version of the jacket as well.

“The second generation Daytona Jacket is even better than the first – no surprise there,” said Hutch. “The thing fits great. At 5’8″ with a pair of stubby arms, it is difficult to get an exact fit without buying custom stuff. For an off-the-rack size Medium – I dig it. The arms are a bit long for me but I like the way it feels so I won’t complain about that any more.”

While it may not have been a perfect fit, it didn’t throw up any annoying problems either, and that earned points in Hutch’s book. “Neither the cuffs or the collar itch, nothing irritating like some jackets do. So that’s a major plus.”

Although the Daytona is an ideal meld for a rider like Kenny, the styling isn’t for everyone, including our Graphics Guru, Brian Chamberlain. Concerning the flashy Daytona, BC commented that he “found it comfortable and non-restrictive, except for the giant flaming redness of it and giant logo on the front.”

Looks aside, the Daytona delivers serious protection from its abrasion resistant 1.2-1.4mm leather, along with armor reinforcement in the elbows and shoulders. The jacket’s construction also features zippered vents to keep things cool. A removable liner further assists the rider in controlling his or her temperature, depending on the outside elements.

The Daytona’s weather protection doesn’t be all that it can be, however, as Mr. Hutchison discovered during last year’s Superbike Smackdown when rain followed us during our final day of street testing. The non-waterproof status of the Daytona caused Hutch to go all Milli Vanilli with his rain blame.

“I got caught in a torrential downpour during our Superbike test and I was wishing I had given it a good dose of Scotch-Guard waterproofing somewhere down the line,” explained Hutch. “But I hadn’t, so I suffered for it. Still, the jacket held up and kept me warm, and it wasn’t designed to be waterproof anyway.”

The Daytona comes in a couple different color configurations, so, BC, if red ain’t your thang, there are other more conservative options, explained here by Hutch again: “I have the all flat black Stealth version which really seems to be the style that would fit a cruiser more so than a sportbike style – but to each his own, right? I have been on rides with a couple folks who have the flashy White & Black version as well as the Red & White which really looks sweet.”

Overall, the Daytona receives a recommendation from our office. In particular Hutch was fond of the fact that right out of the box, the Daytona’s leather is soft and pliant, without pinching or binding. In this regard the Icon dusts many of it leather competitors, which take awhile to break in. That said, because it is leather, the Daytona don’t come cheap with an MSRP of $350-$380. Those bones are fairly well spent, however, because the Daytona is a quality purchase.