Cobra USA has been a pioneer in the motorcycle industry since 1977. The company sprang from humble beginnings as Tim McCool started out making exhausts for motocrossers and flat trackers in his garage. After burning down his parents garage a couple times, they suggested he start his own business. He moved the enterprise into a small industrial building and began making a lot of two-stroke exhausts back then, none of what they do now. The company introduced a spark arrestor in the mid- to late-‘80s that helped put Cobra on the map because if you were going to ride your off-road bike anywhere in the wilderness you needed a certified spark arrestor and there's was small, efficient, and affordable.

As the company grew out of the garage, Ken Boyko became a partner with McCool. Boyko realized that as metric bikes were coming into the market, nobody was really making parts for them. Cobra was at the forefront of the metric exhaust and accessory boom in the ‘90s which helped take the company to the next level. Cobra also started to build custom bikes in-house to showcase those parts with McCool and Denny Berg spearheading the projects. The company outgrew its manufacturing capacity which lead them to build the state-of-the-art facility it operates out of today.

These days, Cobra USA is one of the premier makers of V-Twin exhausts like the Neighbor Haters for both Harley Twin Cams and Milwaukee-Eights. Their repertoire includes plenty more, from slip-on mufflers to the Fi2000 Fuel Management System to freeway bars. During our visit the company was just getting ready to launch its latest Big Ass Rack. Their facility is one of the finest manufacturing plants in the industry. Come along for the tour in our video as we talk to company founder Tim McCool.