If you’ve ever hung out on The Strand after dark during the Lone Star Rally, you’ve undoubtedly seen motorcycles lit up like Christmas trees cruising the strip. I’ve seen everything from a Gold Wing with enough LEDS to light up downtown Galveston to primped Polaris Slingshots with underlit carriages to the lit Hayabusa above. Adding LEDs to your motorcycle gives riders a chance to show off the fruits of their labor, be it the polish of their engine, their poppin’ paint job, or their clean custom wheels. Motorcycle LEDs these days can be synched to music, dance to the beat as they change colors, and can be programmed through your phone. Custom LEDs is another avenue by which motorcyclists add personality and pizzazz to their ride.

Ciro Shock & Awe 2.0 LED Engine Starter Kit 

Be it diamond-cut heads or polished chrome, riders take a lot of pride in their motorcycle engines. If you’d like to show off all the hard work or money you’ve dropped into your powerplant, the Ciro Shock & Awe 2.0 LED Engine Starter Kit is just the ticket. The kit comes with 9 three-inch LED light strips, Ciro’s Bluetooth controller, and everything needed to get them hooked up. You can create custom and load custom color sequences, save them, and program them via Bluetooth. Download the Ciro app and there’s a racing mode which tracks your speed, brake function, has music and microphone integration, and more cool features.

The Bluetooth controller that comes with the kit is compatible with all Ciro Shock & Awe LEDs, so if you’re really digging the Engine Kit and want to add more lighting to the rest of your bike, you’re good to go. If you rock a bagger, lots of riders like to light up their saddlebags with a Ciro Shock & Awe 2.0 Lighting Expansion Kit. Another popular option is the Ciro Red/Amber LED Bag Blades. The Bag Blades’ LEDs feature bright run, brake, and sequential amber turn signals to increase visibility from the rear, day or night. The kit comes with a manual rotary controller. If you’re looking to go whole hog (whole hawg?), Ciro also has Black Filler Panel Lights to dress up the gap between your saddlebags and bike. They’re plug-and-play, and the Ciro multi-function controller provides running, turn, and brake lights. The Ciro Black Filler Panel lights definitely add a custom look and boost visibility.

Goldstrike Shock & Awe 2.0 LED Lighting Kit for GL 

Remember that Gold Wing owner who had the most LEDs I’ve ever seen on a motorcycle (and yes, it was overkill!). Wouldn’t be surprised if he was running Goldstrike’s assortment of LEDs for GLs. The Goldstrike Shock & Awe 2.0 LED Lighting Kit for GL comes with 15 three-inch LED light strips to spotlight your Wing’s engine with and a Bluetooth controller so you can customize colors, flash and patterns. The integrated microphone changes lights to your music. It also has a smart brake function that turns the entire light kit red when you apply the brakes. A Goldstrike Shock & Awe 2.0 Bluetooth Controller Kit is part of the package.

To flaunt the Gold Wing’s distinct silhouette, there’s both saddlebag and backside LED kits. The Goldstrike LED Saddlebag Lights Black for GL integrate cleanly into the saddlebag design of late-model Gold Wings. They’re plug-and-play, require no wiring and are run/turn signals. Safety is a strong selling point of the Goldstrike LED Trunk Light. The lights are mounted high on the trunk near motorist’s line-of-sight and are super bright LED run, turn and brake lights. The trunk light does require a Goldstrike Plug-n-Play Lighting Installation Kit which must be purchased separately. That just means you can add the Goldstrike Filler Panel LED Lights, too, because you can run up to four lights through the Plug-and-Play Lightning Kit. These LEDs run up the back of the saddlebags and will get the attention of people behind you with its high-intensity plasm amber turn signals. It’s also a traditional-red run and brake light. Best yet, Goldstrike says its light-pipe technology makes its LED Trunk Light visible from sharp side angles. Safety aside, they complement the Gold Wing’s styling and blend like they were factory. Now if only I had  that photo of that cat on the Gold Wing who lit up The Strand like the North Star.