Listening to the drumming of a V-Twin when it’s in the sweet spot of its rev range is almost hypnotic. And as much as I love to hear the song my motorcycle sings when everything’s working in perfect harmony, sometimes, like Twisted Sister, “I wanna rock!” This is particularly true if I’m laying down some serious miles. For me, jamming out to my favorite tunes just makes the miles melt away. I know I can’t be the only one who gets all fired up when my song comes on. For riders out there who also like to pump up the jam when they ride, we’ve scouted out some of the hottest motorcycle audio components for you, from full-on systems complete with their own amp to small speakers you could mount on your bars.

Hogtunes XL 5.25" Speakers  (Product Number 440-1369)

Hogtunes just launched its XL 5.25” Front Speaker Kit. These babies are going to pump out better bass than stock speakers thanks to a carbon fiber woofer cone and deliver better sound overall when your hauling down the highway. They’re plug-and-play and have a large magnet assembly so they can handle plenty of power.

Hogtunes XL Rear Speakers (Product Number 510-3629)

If you want to go whole hog (couldn’t resist!) then grab you a pair of Hogtunes XL Rear Speakers, too. These 5.25” speakers are likewise fresh off Hogtunes production line. They can handle 150 watts of power, have multiple neodymium magnets so they can handle those watts without blowing, and are also plug-and-play. Hogtunes is so confident in its XL Rear Speakers they back them up with a five-year warranty.

Hogtunes XL Amplified Speakers Complete Kit w/ amps (Product Number 510-3630)

If you want your XL speakers to really hit, you’re going to need an amp. Luckily, Hogtunes offers an XL Amplified Speakers Complete Kit. Two channels, 450 watts, upgraded Hogtunes XLF speakers, studio-grade crossover components, the kit comes with everything you need to piss off your neighbors. Alright, maybe tone it down a bit in residential, but when you hit the freeway, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Aquatic AV Bluetooth Stereo (Product Number 206-671)

If you ride a 1998-2013 Harley, not only is your sound system dated, the sound by now is also probably faded. The Aquatic AV Bluetooth Stereo is definitely an upgrade to older stock Harley stereos. It’s a direct plug-and-play replacement that uses the factory stereo mounting bracket and wiring connections. It has a built-in 288 watt amplifier, can connect to up to eight speakers, and can be controlled either by the standard Harley handlebar controls or via Bluetooth. If you’re on the road and have to leave your motorcycle out overnight, it has a removable faceplate for added security .

Rockford Fosgate Digital Media Receiver (Product Number 400-2940)

If you’re looking for a replacement receiver for your Harley with even more premium features, including a 3-inch full color TFT display with day/night mode, the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 Digital Media Receiver is next-level. It has a 7-band EQ + PEQ, Pandora Internet Radio Control, Bluetooth wireless streaming, and is SiriusXM ready. A USB port is standard so you can charge your smartphone while you ride. It's a plug-and-play receiver so you can operate it with your factory handlebar controls.

J&M Rokker Extreme 350W 2-Speaker/Amp Kit (Product Number 742-732)

Like Hogtunes, J&M also sells a sweet complete system. The J&M Rokker Extreme 350W 2-Speaker Kit features two 6.71” Rokker XX speakers with mesh grills and tweeter rings. The ring-mounted dome tweeters will deliver those crisp, snappy highs while a Rokker XXR 350-watt RMS amplifier ensures your bass goes boom. It runs off your Harley’s stock wiring harness to help make installation as easy as possible.

Kuryakyn Sound Bar Plus (Product Number 240-1933)

If you don’t rock a bagger but still like big sound, the Kuryakyn MTX Road Thunder Sound Bar mounts right on your handlebars. You’d be surprised how much volume this thing puts out. It features two 2” x 3” full range speakers, four 1” silk dome tweeters, and can handle 300-watts of power. You can stream your favorite playlist via Bluetooth or you can connect directly to it via auxiliary ports. Comes with power, ground, and ignition wires for easy set-up and has a quick disconnector, too.

Boss Audio Chrome Bluetooth Speaker Kit (Product Number 833-753)

Don’t let these speakers diminutive size fool you. The Boss Audio Systems 600 Watt Bluetooth 3” Chrome Speaker Kit will rock your face off. Talk about overachievers! These 3” full-range speakers mount on 3/4” to 1 ¼” handlebars and come with a 600-watt amplifier. They’re operated through Bluetooth, are easy to mount and easy on the eyes.

Hogtunes Batwing Sound System (Product Number 752-315)

For riders out there who sport a Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing, Hogtunes has made a sound system specifically for you. The kit includes two 40 watt, 4.25” speakers and a 50-watt amp with a USB charging port. Hardware and wiring to get you up and rocking in no time is included. Envy those Harley Batwing boys no more!

And simply for your viewing pleasure!