A significant portion of today’s motorcyclist’s have evolved from the days of yesteryear's rambling down dirt roads to luxury cruising. Today’s touring bikes are veritable land yachts with comfort ranking high on the spec sheets. And there’s not a damn thing wrong with that. One of my core motorcycling principles is to make it what you want, and if you want to cruise across the greatest country in the world in a barcalounger on two wheels then I’m here to help you get comfortable.

In today's day and age comfort means accessories. Cell phones, GPS units, action cams and cup holders have all become a part of the landscape. The problem with all of these things is not transporting them but keeping them at the ready. No doubt the aftermarket has a million and one “solutions” but it's easy to get lost in a whirlwind of what holds what and where to mount it. RAM mounts are a great example of a company that has a myriad of solutions, but you can get a bit lost in the lexicon of parts. Never fear, we’re here to help.

So there are two basic things to consider - what you want to mount and where you want to mount it. Let’s start with where you want to mount your favorite farkle. You could opt for a handlebar mount which means you need something like the Tough Claw that will mount on range of tubing anywhere from .625”up to 1.5,” meaning it will cover standard bar sizes up to fat bars and even crash bars if you wanted to mount it down low. But that's not your only bar mounting option. A u-mount style base will get the same job done and allow you to mount to a round piece of tube like a crash bar or handlebar but it's a bit less clean in my opinion. But depending on your bars or type of bike, there may not be enough room to use said bar clamp style mount. In this case a perch mount is just what the doctor ordered. Perch mounts attach to the clam shell clamp half that hold your clutch or brake control in place. You simply remove the two screws holding the clamp and use the longer screws that are in the perch mount and whammo, your gadget has a spot to “perch.”

Now that we have handled the where we can talk about the what. This part is a bit more straightforward. If you're looking for a way to keep a cold drink nearby, the swiveling cup holder is for you. If you need a GPS mount there are model-specific plates to attach them to. If you are looking to mount your cell phone the tried and true X-Mount is my personal favorite. It's quick and easy on and off, fits a wide variety of phone sizes and can be trusted not to drop your favorite electronic tether. You can tune your mount also. Looking for just a bit more reach? You can add a double ball arm socket of your desired length to put things in just the right place.

But you don’t have to do all this on your own. RAM Mounts has plenty of complete kits so you don’t have to build your own rig. You can buy it already kitted up with a claw mount and X-grip or a u-bolt and action cam adapter. Whatever you choose rest assured the RAM Mount folks have your ultimate convenience in mind on your cruiser.

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