Like many, we were excited when we heard Harley-Davidson was launching its Milwaukee-Eight engine. Who doesn’t like the prospect of more power and more torque? Only thing was, capable as the engine is, it didn’t overwhelm us, Pat Garvin going as far as saying “By the seat of the pants I'll admit the midrange felt strong but it didn't really feel like it put out much more power to the back wheel than a stock Twin Cam 103.”

Luckily, it didn’t take S&S Cycle long to come out with a 475C Chain Drive Cam Chest Kit for the Milwaukee-Eight. It’s definitely one of the best ways to wake the M8 up. Learn everything you need to know about it in our Milwaukee-Eight Cam Install for Harley Tourers article and video.

Never one to rest on its laurels, S&S Cycle has now launched a street legal bolt-in performance cam for late-model M8 Harley tourers that won't void your warranty, the first of its kind. The S&S Cycle Street Legal 475 Cam/Calibration kit includes a Powervision PV3 Tuner with four built-in tunes. The Powervision PV3 can be bar-mounted so riders can see data in real-time or it can be used solely for tuning. With this kit, there’s no need to throw the bike on a dyno. Warranty and CARB friendly, its available in chain or gear drive.

S&S Cycle threw a 2019 M8 114 with its 475 cams installed on its dyno and the engine put out 105.82 horsepower and 114.74 lb-ft. of torque (*numbers achieved with the addition of  a 50-state compliant El Dorado exhaust and Stealth Air Cleaner as well.) They also dynoed the stock 2019 FLHTK 114 which put out 75.12 horsepower and 100.94 lb-ft. of torque.