By Bryan Rastok

Saddlemen Luggage

When you think of Saddlemen, more than likely you think of premium motorcycle seats. Saddlemen seats have long been noted for their comfort, style and quality. Saddlemen recognizes that everybody and every motorcycle is built a little different and sometimes even the best motorcycle seat may not match your comfort expectations. The innovators at Saddlemen have been hard at work designing new styles and adding new applications for the latest models. This same dedication and craftsmanship goes into their luggage.

Saddlemen has over 200 pieces of luggage available at J&P Cycles and don't worry, I'm not here to get all salesperson on you. Since there are so many offerings, we are putting together a buyer's guide to aid your search for that right set of luggage. Lets break this down into five categories: Roll Bags, Sissy Bar Bags, Tour Packs, Saddlebags and the Tactical Line.

Roll Bags-  Roll bags are a simple concept and great for quick getaways or daily belongings. A roll bag has a cylindrical shape and typically opens from the sides and/or the top. Most roll bags are great for a day trip as they are sized large enough for the essentials. Roll bags are convenient in the fact that they can be mounted in several locations and do not take up much real estate on the bike. The roll can even be attached on top of other luggage, saddlebags, sissy bars or strapped to the front end. This is a great option if you are looking for a quick getaway or utilitarian everyday storage.

Sissy Bar Bags- Sissy bar bags are a great option for both solo and two-up riding. As its name implies, these bags strap to the sissy bar or backrest of the motorcycle. Sizes can range from as small as a tool bag to excursion-worthy touring capacity. Sissy bar bags are a great choice for those seeking a lot of storage but do not want to sacrifice the profile of the machine by widening it with side-mounted bags. Another convenient option is that some of these are large enough to mount backwards, and for a solo rider, provide a comfortable object to lean back against (faux rider backrest).

Tour Packs- If you're looking for more capacity and touring duty, this is your section. Tour packs offer more storage space and there's many styles to choose from. These larger options offer a variety of ways to securely mount to your motorcycle with adjustable straps and multiple mounting anchors. Due to their size, the tour packs usually take up the rear seat area, or need to be secured using a luggage rack/backrest combo.

  • Touring Motorcycle Models- Having a touring bike means you probable already have some sort of saddlebag and top case, but sometimes its not enough. Saddlemen offers liners, top bags and even contoured seat bags.

Saddlebags- One of the most popular items for motorcycle road trips is of course saddlebags. Saddlemen offers an impressive amount of saddlebags and mounts. Saddlebags are a great option for both convenience and style. With so many styles to choose from, you can really customize the look of your ride. Saddlemen also offers organizers for those already running bags.

Tactical Line- Whether you're behind enemy lines, sneaking into the bar that kicked you out or just want to look tacticool, the Saddlemen Tactical line is the Tier 1 choice. The Tactical series offers the most modular mounting and tie down options in the lineup. Whether you are looking for a tool roll, sissybar bag, or tour pack, there is a Tactical option for you. The Tactical line consists of blacked out UV-, water and weather resistant 1200D and is covered in molle to allow anchor points for any extra storage you may need.

Use this motorcycle luggage guide to get you started. Saddlemen makes a quality product  in a variety of styles and offers something for all your bike and travel needs.