The RF-1000 is the Latest in Shoei Lineage

Shoei has been protecting the brains of motorcycle riders for over 40 years and their latest lids combine that experience with state-of-the-art helmet building technology to bring us the RF-1000. What exactly does the mumbo-jumbo about four decades of experience mean to you and I? It means that helmets these days are so much better that it is just plain silly not to go out and get a replacement for that helmet you bought back in the mid '90s.

Throughout the 2004 riding season I have been wearing a Miguel Duhamel Replica RF-1000 exclusively and so far I have nothing but praise for this good looking and great fitting helmet. The RF-1000 is all-new for 2004. The latest generation in the historic RF lineage, the 1000 features an all-new shell design from the inside out. The exterior is the latest evolution of Shoei’s advanced lightweight shell material, molded in to a more aerodynamically efficient design that is said to reduce drag over the previous model, the RF-900. The interior features a two-layer EPS liner that really provides excellent ventilation properties.

Although I cannot attest to how much the sleeker designed helmet helped me during top speed testing I can say that the helmet provides first-rate protection from wind noise and it doesn’t buffet around excessively during the high speeds associated with track testing. Shoei was aiming for reduced turbulence and improved circulation with the latest aerodynamic design of their current models and pulled it off.

Would I recommend this helmet? That of course, is the big question. My answer is, you bet. Not only does it fit great but it looks good and changing the visor is totally simple. The blue version of the Miguel Duhamel replica that I have been using has been a hit from coast to coast. Any time I propped the Duhamel replica on a table or the tank while eating lunch or sipping an espresso, people commented on how sweet it is. The RF-1000 combines good looks with the superb fit and finish Shoei is famous for and it does so at a reasonable price as well.

Shoei RF-1000 Highs & Lows


  • Excellent fit – adjustable pads make it easy to custom fit.
  • Light weight at 3.5 lbs.
  • Superb finish – quality of paint is off the hook.


  • CX-1V Shield – Only the RF1000 and X11 use this injection molded shield – regular CX-1 shields will not work on this helmet.
  • Bugs build up and are difficult to clean out of the crevices of the lower chin intake vent so don’t let them build up.
  • Another MCUSA test rider bought the same lid in black.

RF1000 Technical Specs:

Fiber-reinforced plastic shell (FRP)
3D Comfort Liner – adjustable cheek pads
Aerodynamic shape – Wind tunnel developed AIM+ Technology
Cooling system (ventilation system)
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) impact absorbing liner (disperses force of an impact)
Easy visor removal/installation
Snell M2000 & DOT218 Rating