by Ken Hutchison

Sidi Vertigo Boots Rank With the Very Best

Boot technology has been evolving through the years and one company in particular has been at the forefront the entire time: Sidi. They’ve been making boots for nearly a half century, starting with off-road boots back in 1960 and culminating in the most recent offering, the Vertigo Corsa.

The Sidi Vertigo Corsa Boots utilize the best rider injury-protection features, including Sidi’s own external ankle brace system. Now they've also added the Tecno VR and Tecno II adjustable fit systems along with composite Lorica construction. What is the Tecno VR? Well, this system allows the boot to be adjusted to fit any rider’s leg dimensions. Both the width of the foot and calf are easily manipulated with the handy Tecno VR adjusters to offer a secure fit for nearly everyone.

Two of our editors, Kevin Duke and I, have worn the boots throughout the 2005 testing season and are both in agreement that these are the most comfortable boots either of us have worn. Plus, they look cool as hell. Neither of us have had the pleasure of crash-testing these boots up to this point, but the application of three different support systems in addition to the quality construction gives me faith that the boot will do what it’s designed to do.

Another high point of the Sidi Vertigo Corsa boots, besides the overall fit and finish, is the fact that all primary components exposed to potential damage from impact are replaceable. The front shin guard, toe sliders, side vents, and heel protector can be removed with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The Lorica material used on the outer shell of the boot is all but impervious to wear and tear. The white versions we have here at the office look just about as good as they did six months ago when they were pulled out of the box, despite spending half a year trudging along back roads while doing rider swaps and photo shoots. Although designed for the harsh environment of a racetrack, they are actually surprisingly comfortable for street duty.

The Vertigo Corsa’s heel protector is the one wart on this particular boot design. The three-stage shock absorbing heel cup is fabricated from three different density plastics, with the outermost layer being a ribbed transparent rubber-like cup that attaches to the heel with a pair of screws, allowing for a range of adjustability. The angle of the heel protector makes grabbing a sidestand tang problematic on some bikes, but these super-boots are designed for a racetrack environment in which kickstands are usually tossed.

While the fortification offered by the heel protector seems to be first-rate, its downside revealed itself during one fateful afternoon of testing when I attempted to put a kickstand down and the little tang/tab on the kickstand got caught between the inside of the cup and the boot. Force of habit caused me to shift my bodyweight to the left in anticipation that the stand would be in position, but instead it was caught in the boot. A cat-like move allowed me to swing my right leg over and catch the toppling steed before it was too late, but that was not cool. I have since learned how to avoid repeating this predicament (it’s called paying attention and being careful), so this is more of a warning than anything else.

Highs & Lows


  • Unparalleled fit & finish
  • Always a custom fit
  • Cleans up easy


  • Heel Cup has potential for getting hung-up
  • Looks like Stormtrooper gear
  • Pricey

After living with the Vertigo Corsa boots, both Duke and I are hesitant to wear anything else each time we hit the track. And with Duke’s wonky and fragile ankle, he believes they are the best feet protection available. They get two hearty thumbs up.

Sidi Vertigo Corsa Boots Construction Highlights:

Tecno VR – Custom calf-area fit and adjustability
Tecno II – Custom Foot fit and adjustability
External Ankle Brace System
Lorica composite construction
Replaceable components