There’s a ton of options out there for mounting your phone, GPS, or other electronic device to your motorcycle. It can seem a bit overwhelming. Among them is SP Connect which not only has a diverse range of options within the brand, but also delivers what are arguably some of the most streamlined mounts out there. No matter what device you’re bringing to the table, SP Connect offers a sleek mount to get you up and running in only a matter of minutes. So, let’s dive in and go hands-on with a few of the SP Connect offerings available from J&P Cycles.

SP Connect Moto Bundle

The SP Connect Moto Bundle is rad kit that includes a phone case, handlebar mount, and weather cover, and is available for the majority of current Apple and Samsung phones. Fret not if you have another brand of phone or already have a case you love as SP Connect makes a Universal Moto Bundle that includes an adhesive mount to attach to pretty much any device. It instantly became my favorite device mount system. Installation of the handlebar mount is a snap. Simply unscrew the clamp, insert a plastic spacer matching the diameter of your bars, put it around your handlebars in the desired location, and tighten the screw. The included plastic spacers come in 1-1/4”, 1-1/8”, 1”, and 7/8” sizes, are labeled to eliminate the guesswork, ensure a precise fit and protect your handlebars from being marred by the heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum the mount is constructed of. A few quick adjustments to the arm and the mounting rail to get everything lined up the way you want it and you’re good to go.

Once in place, the mount has a sleek, low-profile, streamlined look. It’s not clawing at the air like a zombie trying to escape its earthly grave. I like things clean and tight on my Z900 and not distracting from its retro aesthetic, so that’s an important factor for me. The mount’s operation is as streamlined as its looks. Slip the case onto your phone and lock it onto the mount with nothing more than a 90º turn. It’s awesome. There are no springs, clamps, latches, retaining straps, rubber bands, or other nonsense to deal with. After several weeks of using the mount, it’s proven to be stable and vibration-free. It’s made trip-planning more convenient by making maps and directions visible, and I can yell at Siri to dictate notes or messages while at stoplights. I do suggest a pair of touchscreen compatible gloves (you’ll find me rocking the Bronzo gloves from RSD) to level-up the usability factor.

The phone case itself is pretty slim as well. As a designer and lifelong fan of Apple’s industrial design and aesthetics, I prefer to rock my iPhone sans case. If I do use a case, it has to be sleek, functional, and complementary to the phone’s design. The SP Connect case passes the test and ticks the right boxes. The pivoting mount point on the back of it adds minimal bulk, and the case as a whole is smooth without sharp edges where the cutouts for the buttons, microphone and speakers, and charging ports are.

The SP Connect Moto Mount Pro, as well as the many phone cases, are also available separately if you need a replacement, get a new phone and need a case for it, or have second bike to mount to.

SP Connect Fixed Mount

The SP Connect Fixed Mount is a versatile piece that is compatible with GoPro buckle mounts and has an adapter for the SP Connect mount. It’s a great (and at half the price of the Moto Mount Pro, more affordable) option for getting your phone or a GPS onto your handlebars with an SP Connect mount, but its GoPro compatibility opens it up to a variety of other uses. Clamp it to your bars, or to pretty much any other relatively tube-like part of your motorcycle, and you’ve got a solid camera mount.

You could also use the SP Connect adapter to, say, attach your phone equipped with an SP Connect case to a GoPro mount on your helmet. I don’t know why you’d do that, let alone what practical application that would have, but you CAN do it. Different strokes for different folks, right?

Ever wanted to mount your phone to your helmet? Neither have I, but you CAN.

SP Connect Wireless Charging Module

The Wireless Charging Module is a brilliant add-on to the set-up if your device supports wireless charging. Lock it into place on the mount and connect it to a USB port and you’ll have hassle-free charging every time you put your device on the mount. The included USB-C cable was a bit too short to route from the power outlet under my seat all the way to the handlebars, but it did charge my phone fine when tested. I just need to get my hands on a longer cable to be good to go.

SP Connect Clutch Mount

The Clutch Mount is a great option if you want an even cleaner look over what the Moto Pro Mount offers or don’t have room for a handlebar mount. Simply screw it into your clutch or brake lever clamp and you’re set. It’s about as clean and easy as it gets.

All in all, SP Connect is delivering some sweet device mounts that are second to none in build quality, ease of installation, ease of use, and overall versatility. If you’ve been let down by other mounts in the past, or don’t have a device mount set up at all, give SP Connect a go. I think you’ll be happy you did.