Bikers have been strappin’ bed rolls to their handlebars for the longest. These days, though, riders are putting a lot more than dusty old bed rolls on their bars. Whether streaming music or running nav or using it as a location device to keep in touch with loved ones, smartphones have become an instrumental tool for the modern motorcyclist. But phones don’t do much good if they’re in your pocket, so people are mounting them on their bars for easy access. The age of electronics means we’re always looking for a place to plug them in and charge them up, and USB chargers are another accessory riders are placing on their handlebars. Some like to rock when they ride, and there are soundbars out there which put out some serious sound. There’s a long list of motorcycle handlebar accessories currently on the market, so we picked out some of the top-sellers with the help of the experts on J&P Cycles merchandising team in case you’re looking to add a little convenience or coolness to your ride.

Burly Brand Voyager Black Handlebar Bag (Product #360-2819)

Sometimes you just need a little extra something-something to carry a few items in. The Burly Brand Voyager Black Handlebar Bag is a perfect solution, especially if you have T-bars because the bag's tailor made for them. But it’s got four Velcro straps and a MOLLE system, so you can strap it on pretty much any handlebars. The zippers have convenient pull-tabs and the Burly handlebar bag is made of Cordura so it’ll last a good long time.

Ciro Black Drink Holder with Perch Mount  (Product #240-3786)

Some mornings there just isn’t enough time to finish that big ol’ cup of coffee, and I hate wasting good coffee. Luckily, Ciro makes some great drink holders for motorcycles. Thanks to its contoured rubber net, the Ciro Black Drink Holder with Perch Mount can easily be adjusted to fit just about any can, bottle or mug. Its Ciro ball mounting system means you can quickly take it off if you’re not using it. The rubber net is soft, too, so it won’t scratch up your paint if it accidentally brushes against your tank.

Kuryakyn Tech-Connect Complete Cell Phone or Device Handlebar Mount Kit (Product #605-838)

The Kuryakyn Tech-Connect Device Mounting Kit fits 7/8”, 1”, and 1 ¼” bars, will hold devices between 1 5/8” to 3 3/8” wide, and has an adjustable swivel head so you can get your device positioned just right. Made for smaller devices, it’ll cradle your cell phone or GPS securely on your bars and reviewers say it keeps information clearly visible at highway speeds.

Ram Mount Tough-Claw with Large Phone Mount  (Product #901-632)

If you own a larger cellular device that won't fit in the Kuryakyn handlebar mount, Ram Mount makes a Tough-Claw with X-Grip Cradle for large phones which should do the trick. It rotates 360 degrees and tilts for optimal viewing. With a squeeze the X-Grip Cradle expands and contracts, so your phone’s pretty much guaranteed to fit properly. It comes with a rubber tether for added security in case roads are super bumpy.

SP Connect Moto Bundle for iPhone X/XS (Product #166-7693)

For you iPhone-loving riders there’s an SP Connect Moto Bundle for iPhone X/XS. The mount is CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, it comes with a weather cover to protect against the elements, and has a unique vibration dampening system. It’s a high-quality handlebar mount to protect your high-dollar smartphone.

Marlin's Adjustable Handlebar Mount Quest Compass (Product #832-232)

I admit, I’m directionally challenged. Just ask my wife. Which makes me a prime candidate for Marlin’s Adjustable Handlebar Mount Quest Compass. It features an 8-point GPS-driven compass heading. Between its chromed billet housing and red LED directional display, it’s a really clean design. Quick and easy to install, comes complete with a mount and compass.

Kuryakyn MTX Road Thunder Sound Bar Plus (Product #240-1933)

For those about to rock, we salute you with the Kuryakyn MTX Road Thunder Sound Bar Plus! Compact but powerful, Kury’s MTX Road Thunder Sound Bar has two 2” X 3” full range speakers and four 1” silk dome tweeters. It’s got a built-in amp and an internal 3.0 Bluetooth receiver so you can access your favorite playlist on your smartphone. A power, ground and ignition wire is provided for easy disconnect. It’s weather-resistant and mounts perfectly between the bars.

Ram Mount Action Camera Mount (Product #360-3361)

People love to video their rides, so Ram Mount makes a U-Bolt Double Ball Mount Action Camera Adapter so you can mount a camera on your bars and get that epic POV. The U-Bolt makes it a snap to mount, the double ball mount allows for a wide range of adjustability, and a GoPro slides right into to the top of the arm. Affordably priced and easy-to-use.

Marlin's Big Paul’s Cycle One-Piece Handlebar Clock (Product #724-530)

Marlin's Big Paul’s Cycle One-Piece Handlebar Clock is a super-clean analog clock face that sits flush on the bars. It has a black face and white numbers so it’s easy to see during the day while at night the hands of the clock and numbers glow-in-the-dark. It’s waterproof, shock resistant, and has a chrome housing.

Memphis Shades Black Opaque Hand Guards (Product #832-853)

Have your hands ever been pegged by a rock riding down the freeway? Sucks, don’t it. Memphis Shades has a solution – hand guards for your street bike. Memphis Shades Black Opaque Hand Guards are made out of high-impact plastic and come complete with color-matched black mounting hardware. Hand guards – they’re not just for dirt bikes anymore!

BikeMaster Dual USB Charger (Product #210-837)

Can’t count how many times I’ve jumped on a motorcycle with my phone about to die. If I had a BikeMaster Dual USB Charger on my handlebars, I could have just plugged my phone in and let it charge back up while I was riding. It has two USB ports and plenty of wire to run it to your bike’s battery. If you’re running nav through your phone while riding, it’ll gobble up power quick. Throw one of these on and that’s no longer a problem.