The 82nd Sturgis Rally roared into the Black Hills with nearly two weeks of rides, parties, bike shows and general mayhem. And nestled right smack dab in the middle of the madness is the J&P Cycles Sturgis store, a veritable wonderland for bikers with just about everything on hand you could ever want for your bike.

The Sturgis store has parts and accessories ranging from spark plugs to full exhaust systems and pretty much everything else in between. And if that's not impressive enough, you can even have whatever you buy installed on your bike right at the event. No matter if you are broken down and need assistance or if you just want some good ol’ instant gratification, mechanics are on duty to spin wrenches on your machine. With hundreds of thousands of bikers wandering through town, the list of parts and gear sold during the rally is as extensive and wide-ranging as you might imagine. But here are the  categories and products that were the best sellers at this year’s Rally.


Bike cleaners were at the very top of the hot-selling items at this year's rally. Probably because campgrounds have a way of putting a glaze of South Dakota dust on your ride that leaves it looking ragged. Bug Slide’s Spray Bottle with Polishing Cloth was flying off the shelf in both the four-ounce and 12-ounce versions as a turnkey way to keep your ride looking sharp in a sea of dirty bikes. Cycle Cares C6 Carbon Detailer also was on the top of the cleaners list. With its carbon organometallic compound, it not only cleans your bike but also seals up non-porous surfaces, keeping your bike cleaner longer.


It may come as a bit of a surprise, but our mechanics routinely install over 1,000 tires  each year in a 10-day period. One might assume that before someone would venture out to the Black Hills with their bike they would make sure the rubber on their machine is in good shape, but as it stands, we sell a boatload of tires each year. Should you need the tires on your bike replaced in the midst of the rally, we have a ton of inventory and qualified mechanics on site to take care of you. This category was once again led by Dunlop, specifically the 180/65/16 American Elite that is the most common on late-model Harley baggers.


Every year, oil is at the top of the sales charts at the Sturgis Rally and 2022 was no different. It warms my heart as a mechanic to know people are changing their oil either mid-rally or for the ride home. If you have ever attended the rally, you know you will rack up the miles during your stay in the hills, so it's a good idea to have some fresh oil in your machine for the ride back home. This year's oil sales were led by K&N full synthetic of the 20w-50 variety, followed closely by K&N oil filters.


With cell phone and GoPro cameras seemingly running non-stop no matter where you are in Sturgis, it’s no surprise that Ride Power was one of the better selling brands, specifically the Dual USB Adapter with Voltage Indicator and Portable Power Bank with Solar Charging. The USB adapter plugs into your battery lead and provides two USB ports, making it a very easy way to charge electronics while cruising around the hills. It also gives you a voltage reading. The Power Bank is an equally handy unit that offers a great way to charge things at your campsite when you don’t have access to a power outlet. The solar charging battery is water-resistant and has multiple USB ports to keep things charged up at the campsite.


The Wild Ass Smart Design Lite Air Cushion is a consistent top-seller at rallies across the country as well as the Sturgis Rally because it works really well. If you or your passenger is getting uncomfortable in rally traffic and long days in the heat, then this seat pad from Wild Ass is a game-changer. It reduces pressure points, and most importantly heat and moisture buildup, which lead to discomfort in the saddle after a long day of riding. The cushion also packs away easily when you're not using it, making it a perfect travel companion to keep from turning a beautiful ride into hours of misery. Mustang Seats also tops our big-sellers list at this rally for those looking for a more permanent solution to their uncomfortable seating problems. The great thing about buying a Mustang seat at the rally is you get to sit on the seat in person, as opposed to relying on a website description. And you can immediately put it to use and ship your old seat back home while you ride though the rally in comfort.

Cargo Net

A cargo net is perfect for stowing unplanned freight.

No surprise the 15” x 15” cargo net from PowerTye is a Sturgis Rally top-seller. It's a great little piece of kit to have stashed on your bike no matter where you are. You're likely to pick up a few T-shirts or need to transport a six pack back to camp. And no matter what kind of bike you’re on, you can always use a cargo net to pack your unexpected purchases with ease.

And there you have it, the top-selling items of Sturgis 2022. If you are planning on attending the Sturgis Rally in 2023 or beyond, you can stock up with the items on this list if you are a ride prepper like myself or you can wing it with confidence knowing that we have you covered at the J&P Cycles Sturgis store when you get to the Black Hills. Either way, we look forward to seeing you next year!