Very often we are asked how to select the proper windshield for a particular motorcycle. This is a very subjective matter that requires some thought on the consumer’s part. How much protection do I want? What look am I going for? Do I want it to detach? What's my budget? Once we get some answers to these questions we can define what you require. In today’s article we are going to feature Memphis Shades, one of our top (and favorite) windshield brands, for your American or metric cruiser.

Memphis Shades offers a variety of smaller windshields available in a variety of colors. The Del Rio, Del Rey, El Paso and Rio Grande are examples of their Sportshield-style smaller units. All Memphis Shades windshields are quick detach (except those Road Kings). The key to understanding how to apply a Memphis Shades windshield is to realize that the windshields are the same but have a wide variety of applications. To make it work for your bike, the appropriate mounting hardware must be purchased.

The customer that requires more protection will be interested in the Memphis Fats or Slims.

The Memphis Fats are available in four different heights to give whatever appearance you desire. Memphis Slims have two different heights. A generally accepted practice is for the top of the windshield to be even with the tip of the rider's nose. This allows the rider to look over the windshield, but not through it. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules regarding this, so if you would like a different height, it’s perfectly acceptable.

Now let's walk through a potential Memphis Fats/Slims scenario. You decided to go with a Gradient Orange 17-inch Memphis Slim. Looking at our site, you'll see two different headlight openings, 7" and 9". So which one is required for your bike? First, find the mounting hardware needed for your bike. It will designate whether that hardware is to be used with a 7" or 9" headlight cutout.

The guidelines above should give you an idea of how to select a Memphis Shades windshield, but as always, our friendly tech staff is still available to help.

If additional protection is desired to keep wind and noise from coming up from the road, Memphis Shades markets Custom Lowers to combat this. Fitment for these quick detach units work like the windshields, so just find the lowers you want and select the proper hardware for your bike. Available in colors to match the windshields, a set of lowers can make for an excellent finishing touch.