For our next How to, we're going to be installing an Arlen Ness - Method Clear Sucker on a Twin Cam Softail. Now, we have a good intake on there already, we're just changing this out for aesthetic reasons. So the removal of your intake may be a little bit different than ours, but the installs are going to be the same on pretty much all Twin Cams that are not throttle-by-wire. If you have a late-model bagger, it's going to be a little different for you guys, but all the other Twin Cams should be really, really close to this. So let's get this off here and we'll get our new one on.

After removing the old air cleaner you want to make sure that all these surfaces are clean here (1:01), which these are pretty good, but you can see there's dirt inside here (1:06). So it's a good time to wipe this clean. It's never good to have a bunch of dirt and stuff going into your intake. That's what the air cleaner's supposed to do, but it will get some stuff in there. Okay, now that this is cleaned up, we're going to go ahead and prep our backing plate to put it on the motorcycle. So the first thing we're going to do is  put the backing plate on the bike, hang it by the breather bolts loosely, but to do that we have to put all of our O-rings on our spacers (1:30).  We're going to use a little bit of grease and that'll help keep our O-rings in place. We're going to put grease here and you don't need to slather this in grease (1:39), just enough for the O-ring to stay in place. Do this on both sides. On the other side, you pretty much just drop these in here because the bolts will hold them in (2:02). There's a little bitty cutout in there for it to sit in. The spacers also have an O-ring and you put them on groove side up. Put a little bit of grease on either spacer.

So we're going to put the spacers on our breather bolts. You want to make sure that the O-ring side is facing out like this (2:36). You already have an O-ring in here sealing this side up, so you want this O-ring side facing the engine. Just slip those on there like that (2:44). And right now, while I have all this stuff sitting here, I'm going to put a little bit of Loctite on there. You don't need a ton. These do have torque specs and we'll get to that when we go to tighten them up, but for now we're just going to put them on there, finger tight, and then line up our throttle body bolts.

We're going to slide this up here like this (3:04). We got a quarter-inch Allen, that's what size these breather bolts are. What the breather bolts do, they allow this engine to breathe instead of the old crank case-style breathing, a Twin Cam breathes through the heads. This is a hollow bolt that actually feeds it into a machined passage, and then there's little passages that let it breathe back into the intake. We're going to use Loctite on our bolt. We're not going to tighten these all the way down so we can get these lined up. You definitely want to use Loctite on these little bolts going in your throttle body because if one backed out and got sucked in, it'd be no bueno.

We've got Loctite on the bolts for our throttle body. We're going to use our 3/16th Allen and run these in, but can't forget the gasket that goes back up in there. You could try to hold onto this with all those bolts and put it on there. What I'm going to do is actually just slide it back behind here and then run my 3/16th bolts in. Like I said, it's very important you put Blue Loctite on here. You don't want one of these bolts to get sucked into your throttle body. Once we have everything kind of snugged down, we're going to get our torque wrench and I'll tell you the torque specs and we'll torque all five of these bolts to spec.

The torque spec on these (4:15), anywhere from 8 to 10 foot-pounds. And it's good if you have a torque spec to use it on this aluminum because you don't want to strip out your throttle body or your head. So torque spec on these is 8 to 10. I'm actually using 10. We're good. Torque spec on the breather bolts is 16 to 18, so go ahead and torque those next.

All right. Now that this is all torqued down, we're going to get our filter and our beauty cover. We'll show you how to get that on there and we'll be done. So they send a nice film on this clear cover here. One thing you're going to have to do, we're going to peel this cover off and then you've got to insert the cover into this little groove right here on the air filter (5:03). Now it's not going to just drop right in because basically that needs to be air tight so it seals up real tight. So it's going to be a little bit of a struggle to get it in there, but that's a good thing. This is a washable, reusable, high-flow element. We sell recharge kits, so this is basically a lifetime air filter. You'll be able to wash it with warm, soapy water. Don't blow it out with any air and then re-oil it and you'll be able to use it forever.

So I got this started in that groove over there (5:33). This is where it gets kind of tricky. I find it helpful to hang it off of the bench or the toolbox, and then you can kind of work it. You can pull the filter around it and hear it pop down in there. It needs to be set all the way in there. After it's set all the way in, I like working with this stuff on a rag so I don't scratch anything. Flip this down into here like this and again, this seals tight and sets in a groove in the beauty cover (6:02). You've got to drop it in there nice and straight and you'll feel it when it sets down in there. Then there's a gasket that goes here (6:18) and it has extra holes in it because they use this gasket for different things, but if you just spin it a little bit, they'll line up with the five holes that are in the beauty cover. We're going to put a little bit of Blue Loctite on our hardware. This hardware is a 5/32nd Allen. We're going to pop them through and that gasket is actually going to hold them in place for us, which will be extremely helpful here in a minute.

Careful not to tear that gasket when you're popping those through there. They give us these nice little covers to cover up our breather bolts. We're going to use a little dab of grease to hold our little beauty plates that hide the breather bolts in place, and then we're going to put our air cleaner on and this does have a logo on it, so you want to make sure the logo is at the bottom. That'll put one of these bolts at the top. Orientate this bolt to this hole, logo at the bottom, and everything should line up. You don't want to run these down tight one at a time, you want to get them all started, then tighten them up and hit them with that torque wrench from anywhere from 40 to 50 inch-pounds. All right, I like to go in a star pattern if I can, so things tighten down even. We got our torque wrench set at 45 inch-pounds, right in between the recommended 40 and 50.

It's as simple as that. And since we already had a high-flow intake on here, our bike is pretty much tuned for that. So we're not going to really need to add a tuner because we already have one. But if you don't have a tuner and you add a high-flow intake like this, it's always a good idea to add one. If you have any questions, you can comment in the comment section below. You can chat with us online or simply call us on our 800 number. Now, go work on those motorcycles.