In this video we're going to be putting on a set of Cobra Neighbor Hater Mufflers on our 2012 Road King. This muffler install is going to be really, really similar for all Twin Cam baggers. The reason why you'd want to put a set of mufflers on your bike, for most people, is to get that Harley sound. The stock bikes are really choked down, quiet as a church mouse. These really give it some bark. Secondly is performance. We have an intake on this bike, we've increased the air flowing in, and now thanks to these mufflers spent gasses are going to be more free-flowing and give us a little more power. First thing we need to do is to take the bags off. I'm going to pop the bags off and we'll put the right muffler on. Then I'll go around and repeat the procedure on the other side.

But I do want to say, there isn't a right and a left to these mufflers. How you can tell is this little indentation (see video 1:06). So this one with the dent is going to go on the right side of this bike if you're sitting on it. What that dent is for, is it's the cut-out for the shock bolt. So if you didn't have the dent lined up, you would get a dent from the shock boom. This one with the dent, the dent goes to the inside of the bike. That's going to be our right-side muffler. Also, don't forget to take out these little plastic caps. They come out of there. You definitely don't want to leave those in there. So, let's get started. Pull the bags off and we'll get our mufflers on. So we got the bags off, now we're going to need to get these mufflers off. So, whether it's a stock muffler or an aftermarket muffler like this one, these things sometimes get seized on here.

There's a 9/16" nut underneath here. That's a clamp we've got to loosen up (2:00). I like to loosen it up first before I loosen these up. Even with them loose, you kind of have to wrestle these off sometimes because it might not slide right off. You may have to wiggle it back and forth. When you do wiggle it back and forth though, be careful not to put too much pressure on this head pipe because as you wiggle this around, you could loosen some stuff up up here. So if you have to wiggle this around, just be cognizant, maybe hold onto this right here (2:20). I took it all the way off. You just want to make sure it's definitely loose. This one is still not really moving, so I might have to hit that with a dead blow or something to get it loosened up. Even though I have the nut all the way off the clamp, it's not moving. So we're going to switch from a 9/16" to a 1/2", and take these bolts right here off.

You want to save the bolt, and you want to save this plate right here (2:50). It's not a terrible idea to inspect the little rubber grommet on the bottom of the bag hanger. This one's in great shape. Most of them are. But if there is a little tear or something, you might want to replace that. We're going to save this plate and these two bolts, but right now we've got to get this muffler loose. That's really tight on there, so I'm going to get a dead blow hammer and try to knock the clamp toward the muffler and loosen it up. Just want to move it to open up the end of that muffler a little bit, to get it off the head pipe. So get rid of the old muffler and slip the new one on. Cobra sent some nice new clamps. We're going to slide those on. Get it nice and loose so we know we can slide on the head pipe.

Just make sure when you slide it on you can still reach it with the ratchet when it's up in there. After the clamps on, we're going to go ahead and slide this onto the head pipe (4:06). You want to make sure you get it as far on there as you can get it. Now, once that's on there we can line this bracket up in the back. We can hit our bolts here with a little dab of Loctite. We'll go ahead and throw our bolts back here in the muffler. But we're going to wait to tighten up the clamp up, and I'll tell you why. We can go ahead and tighten these up (4:34) because this muffler will still move back and forth through this grommet. We're going to go ahead and repeat this whole procedure on the other side. But once we get that one to the same place we have this one, we're going to want to make sure these muffler tips are aligned over here because otherwise they can be forward and backward. Once we get them lined up, then we'll come back and we'll tighten the clamp on either side.

So we'll go and put the other muffler on, tighten the backs up so they're even, and then we'll tighten the clamp back up here. So I'm just looking down the ends of these mufflers to make sure they're even. You could measure off the bag bracket if you want it to, but what really matters is how it looks to you. These look good to me so I'm going to go ahead and tighten up the muffler clamps on the front. Then we're going to want to wipe these down, wipe all your fingerprints off of them, and then we'll get the bags back on. We'll get them fired up (6:40) and let you listen to them. So we've got our Cobra - Neighbor Hater Mufflers on here. This is a nice four-inch muffler that bells out to a four-and-a-half at the back. It's got an eight-inch louvered baffle in it for a good throaty sound. Do not take your baffles out. That is a misnomer. This bike will definitely run better with them in. And as always, I do recommend a fuel injection controller.

Anytime you change the air flow in and out of a bike, you need to change that fuel to match, itwill definitely help you out. You guys have any questions, hit us up in the comment section below. You can call us. You can chat with us. For now, let's hear what these bad boys sound like.