The 2004 FXDX Super Glide Sport I recently scored was already rockin’ a Mikuni HSR 42 Carb and a set of Thunderheaders but surprisingly had a stock air intake. Time to let the trusty Dyna breathe a little deeper thanks to an Arlen Ness Stage 1 Big Sucker Kit with a synthetic filter. The Big Sucker has a slick design with each breather O-ringed at the heads and exiting at the mouth of the throttle body, doing away for the need of breather hoses. The Arlen Ness Synthetic performance filter is washable and reusable so I should get plenty of miles out of it. The kit comes with everything needed for a quick and easy installation.

How to Install an Arlen Ness Big Sucker Kit

1.       Remove stock air cleaner and backing plate.

1 - 5/16” bolt for cover

3 - 5/32” Allen screws secure air element to backing plate

3 - ½” Breather bolts

2 - 11/16” backing plate bolts

2.       Clean the flange on the carburetor.

3.       Dab grease on face of throttle body and stick rubber gasket in place.

4.       Put O-rings into Banjo bolt grooves on backing plate. (Tip – dab a touch of grease to keep O-rings in place).

5.       Slide washers onto Banjo bolts.

6.       Apply Loctite to threads and install Banjo bolts but leave bolts loose.

7.       Thread black set screws (3) into backing plate standoffs. Torque to 3-5 lb-ft.

8.       Dab with Loctite, then attach standoffs to backing plate. Torque to 3-5 lb-ft.

9.       Torque Banjo bolts to 10-12 lb-ft.

10.   Secure air cleaner element to backing plate with three button head screws (1/4-20 X 1/2”).

11.   Add Loctite, then screw into standoffs. Torque to 3-5 lb-ft.

12.   Steel cover kits use a nylon spacer between the cover and air filter with the countersunk facing the outer cover.

13.   Feed 5/16-18 X 1 ¼” countersunk Allen through outer cover and nylon spacer and attach to air filter element. Torque to 5 lb-ft.

14. Go ride your motorcycle!