For the most part adventure bikes are fairly dialed as far as the engine and drivetrain are concerned but, like most motorcycles, we couldn't leave well enough alone. We didn't expect our F 850G S to be a horsepower king and indeed the power was sufficient enough but it was a little on the quiet side for us. And the stock exhaust can just looks kind of....meh. So we decided to cure our stock muffler blues with an Akrapovic black titanium and carbon muffler. An added bonus is we also save around 38% off the weight of the stock muffler, and saving weight on an ADV bike is always a plus.

With a few hand tools and 30 minutes of garage time your Beemer can be breathing through titanium.

Instillation is a snap. Here's quick and easy steps.

How to Install an Akrapovic muffler on a BMW F 850 GS

  1. Remove panniers if you have them
  2. Loosen clamp on lower portion of pipe (13mm deep well socket)
  3. Loosen and remove mounting screw from exhaust hanger (T40 torx)
  4. Loosen and remove 2 bolts holding hanger and hanger (T40 torx). Save bolts
  5. Pull pipe off
  6. Slip on mid-pipe and clamp, do not tighten
  7. Install new exhaust hanger on new muffler body, do not tighten
  8. Install clamp on muffler, slide onto mid-pipe, do not tighten
  9. Mount exhaust hanger with stock bolts from step 4 (T40 torx) tighten to 16 ft-lbs
  10. Tighten hanger to muffler (16 ft-lbs)
  11. Tighten clamps to 10ftlbs (T45)
  12. Wipe clean

Watch the video for more tips and to hear the beast roar.

The Akrapovic slip-on really finishes the already well put together BMW out nicely, dropped a few pounds off the bike and added a few extra ponies. According to the Akrapovic folks there is no need to re-map, just go ride your motorcycle.