We were excited when we heard the R&D team at S&S Cycle whipped up a SuperStreet 2-into-1 full exhaust system for the Harley-Davidson Sportster. We just happened to have a 2020 Sportster 1200 in the shop in need of a power upgrade so we slapped some SuperStreets on to show you how and to give you a chance to hear the exhaust note. Even though we used a 2020 model the install’s basically the same for all Sportsters 2007-up. This is a 50-state compliant exhaust. With a high-flow air filter like an S&S Mini Teardrop, you can gain over 10 horsepower according to S&S Cycle's dyno results. Their stock bike made about 59 ponies and with the new exhaust, intake and a tune it pumped out a little over 70 horsepower.

How to Install S&S Cycle Super Street 2-into-1 Exhaust on a Harley Sportster

(But be sure to watch the video for more tips to make the job even easier and to hear these babies rumble!)

  1. First unplug the O2 sensors using a flat blade screwdriver
    (Save the O2 sensors because you will be reusing them)
  2. Take a ½” wrench or socket and remove mounting bolts underneath the stock mufflers
  3. Right above the rear master cylinder there’s a 9/16” Acorn nut that needs to be loosened in order to access the bolts on the headers
  4. Loosen flange nuts on exhaust ports. The flange nuts are ½” but you’re better off using a ¼” drive deep well because it’s easier to get it in the tight space
  5. Carefully remove stock pipes
  6. Remove mid-controls (5/16” Allen)
  7. Remove pulley cover (5/16” Allen)
  8. Take exhaust bracket off (5/16” Allen)
  9. Replace stock exhaust bracket with new S&S one. Don’t forget a dab of Loctite!
  10. Put pulley cover back on
  11. Remove O2 sensors (14mm) from old exhaust
  12. Use flat blade screwdriver to remove flanges off old exhaust
  13. Put 7/8” adaptors for O2 sensors into new exhaust (* For narrow band O2 sensor users only. Wide band sensors will plug right back in.)
  14. Screw O2 sensors back in
  15. Put flanges on new pipes
  16. Put heat shields on headers (hand tighten)
  17. Replace exhaust gaskets (S&S supplies new ones)
  18. Put new header back on. Start with rear, pull forward a little bit, then put front one on. Attach flange nuts (hand tighten)
  19. Slide torque clamp on new muffler with nut facing down
  20. Slide new muffler on
  21. Slide dogbone into slot under muffler and bolt into place
  22. Put on collector heat shield
  23. Tighten heat shields
  24. Tighten flange nuts
  25. Tighten torque clamp
  26. Tighten exhaust mount bolts
  27. Put foot control back on
  28. Put pin and e-clip back on brake shifter rod
  29. Plug O2 sensors back in
  30. Snap side panel back into place
  31. Before starting up bike, wipe new exhaust down well