One of the first things I noticed when we got our hands on an Indian FTR1200 this spring was the sound didn't match the intensity of the ride.  I wouldn't say the bike was down on power (although I can always use more), it just didn't have the bark I was looking for from an American made V-Twin. The bike we had came equipped with Akrapovic mufflers from factory Indian and although I am a fan of the Akra line of pipes, this OEM version seemed watered-down. On top of that it didn't quite make sense that the race-inspired FTR1200 didn't come equipped with the same hot rod goods that it's race bike daddy, the FTR750, has used to dominate the American Flat Track series the past few years. All of the bikes in the paddock sport S&S pipes and S&S Cycle has played an integral role in the success of Indian's dominant FTR750. So naturally we made the call to Viola, Wisconsin, to get some of that American-made horsepower bolted onto our American-made, street-rippin' V-Twin. I thought about doing the full system of high pipes but realistically I was just looking to clean up the side of the bike a bit, uncork the sound of the Twin and hopefully gain a few ponies in the process. So I decided the aptly named Grand National Slip-On Muffler was the way to go.

The S&S muffler install is a snap.

Instillation is a snap. Here's quick and easy steps.

How to Install an  S&S Grand National Slip-On Exhaust on an Indian FTR1200

  1. Remove heat shield. (T30 Torx)
  2. Loosen clamp. (T45 Torx)
  3. Loosen and remove mounting screw. (T47 Torx & 13mm wrench)
  4. Pull pipe off.
  5. Mount new bracket to S&S pipe (3/16 Allen, Loctite) Mount included.
  6. Put clamp from old muffler on new muffler.
  7. Slip on S&S Grand National. Make sure clamp is loose.
  8. Line up bracket with hanger. Screw tight.
  9. Tighten clamp.
  10. Mount S&S carbon fiber heat shield. (5/32 Allen)
  11. Wipe clean.

Be sure to watch the video for more tips on how to dial in its sound!

When all was said and done I got exactly what I was looking for from S&S's stainless beauty. A little more grunt, some eye candy and some much needed bark from the race bred Indian.

NOTE - after riding for 100 or so miles the sound was noticeably deeper. It's also 50 state compliant!