Putting your motorcycle away for winter sucks but if you must do it here are a few tips to keep your ride fresh for spring.

1.    Ride your motorcycle. Why? First, it’ll make you feel good. Secondly, it will circulate fluids throughout your motorcycle. When you get back to your garage, you’re going to want to change all those fluids (oil, transmission). This way, your bike’s ready to roll when spring rolls around.

2.    Lube your throttle and clutch cables. Cables can atrophy a bit from sitting so get some cable lube on them as a preventative measure.

3.    Wash it. Get all that road grime off so it’s not eating away at your bike over the winter.

4.    Check your tire pressure. Make sure they’re properly filled so your tires don’t develop flat spots from sitting in one place for a long period of time.

5.    Put your battery on a tender. Here’s a great article on battery tenders if you’re not familiar with them.

6.    Top your gas tank off. You might even want to use a fuel additive like Star Tron to keep the fuel stabilized because some of the ethanol blends tend to separate when sitting for a long time.

7.    If you’re storing your motorcycle outside, put a bike cover on it. Make sure it’s tightened down so it doesn’t scratch up your bike when it gets windy and blustery out.

8.    Or, our favorite tip is, keep riding! Layer up, throw on some heated gear, and brave the cold. Or move to southern California or Florida where you can easily ride all year long!

Be sure to watch the video for more helpful tips.