Watch as we install the Kuryakyn Thresher grips on this electronic throttle 2018 Harley Davidson Road King. It's a quick install that looks and feels great.

Kuryakyn Thresher Grips Black
J&P Cycles Part Number: 220-1147

  • Designed to fit perfectly in your hands: features a wider diameter for thumb, index and middle fingers and a tapered outer profile for ring and pinky finger.
  • Premium, durable EPDM rubber compound will not harden, crack or wear over time and provides an ultra soft, cushion like feel for all-day vibration dampening comfort.
  • Unique shark tooth knurling provides awesome grip and distinct styling.
  • Offered in chrome or satin black aluminum trim.
  • Assembled with OEM-specific throttle tube and features a "glueless" clutch grip offering easy installation or removal for handlebar swaps

Step by step instructions:

  • To gain access to the grip we need to loosen up the housing here a bit. We're going to do that with a T25 and a T27 bit.
  • Now that we have access to the grip, see that little edge that sits on the inside of the housing? Now we can remove it. There's a couple ways to do it. If you have air, it's really easy to take an air chuck, and blow air on the inside of the grip, causing it to expand, and slide off.
  • You could always cut it off, or if you have some type of longer flat-head screwdriver kind of slowly just work your way down to where you pry it off.
  • When you look at the grips, they both look very similar, and because this is an electronic throttle bike, you need to look down inside the tubes to check and see which one has the gear inside.
  • The one with the gears/teeth on the inside of the tube is the throttle side, and because we're working on the clutch we're going to go with the smooth bore inside.
  • Slide your new grip on the clip side on, and when you get it kind of all the way in, you're going to rotate, and you're going to see that it will actually fall into place on your housing.
  • Now we can remount the rest of the face of the housing and tighten everything back up.
  • Let's repeat the process on the throttle side.
    Now remember this is the grip with the gears on the inside, so those gears are going to align right on the end of your bar.
  • Make sure when you get everything tightened up, to check to make sure that the throttle returns every time you let it go.
  • Now that you know how to install your own grips, head over to, use the "my bike finder" to ensure proper fitment, and enjoy the ride.