The dreaded orange light on the dash can suck the fun out of a good ride quickly. The fear of not knowing what could possibly be wrong with your precious machine is a particularly annoying one. Is it something serious, should I stop now? Or is it a relative non-issue that could be fixed with ease? On top of wondering if your bike is broken there is the hassle of going to a dealership, waiting for them to get to your bike and then charging you an arm and a leg for what could amount to a very small issue.  Well, fear not, the folks at Vance & Hines have a time and money saving solution for you.

To most the Fuelpak FP3 is a tuning device to sort out the perfect fuel injection map for your ride, and it is just that. But it's also so much more. Among it's laundry list of functions is one particular option to read your engine codes and clear them if your heart desires. It's really quick and can be done without much hassle. Our video walks you through the process of checking what code your bike has thrown, getting a short description of what caused the light so you can address the issue and clear the nasty orange light from your dash.

Clearing engine codes has never been easier 

So don't dread an arduous dealership visit, you can cure what ails you with an FP3 and your smartphone. In addition to a slick way to diagnose your bike's issues, you also will have a sharp tuning device with a load of extra features just like this handy code reader. Spend more time riding and less time sweating what your next repair bill will be.