Summertime is here and we are on the gas! Since 1979 J&P has been on the road in one way or another. John Parham started this whole thing by running the swap meet circuit in the Midwest way back in the '80's. Since then we've continued that tradition by traveling the country with our event crew and semi-truck we lovingly refer to as MEGA RIG. When you find the rig at an event you'll see that our events crew packs everything under the sun into it, from t-shirts to tires. You can have an exhaust installed on your bike right there on the spot when you see the big yellow and black J&P truck. We even partner with special vendors for each event. So if you're looking to get your moto-party on this summer, be sure to check out our events schedule.  We do our best to get to all the major rallies in the country and we'd love to see you there.

Come find us here in 2019

No rig but we'll be there racing and talking shop!
Old school biker event at the home of J&P Cycles in Anamosa, IA.
The granddaddy of them all!
It's an East Coast party!
The laid back version of Daytona Bike Week.
It's not over yet, the last major rally to end 2019!