The ball will soon fall in Times Square, confetti will fill the air, people will slur the words to "Auld Lang Syne" and a new year will arrive. Not only a new year, but a new decade as well, making it an even more exciting time. New years provide a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin anew, be it taking better care of yourself or riding your motorcycle more! We wish everybody a Happy New Year from the J&P Cycles team!

Here's some of our resolutions for the new year. What about you, what is your 2020 New Year's resolution?

Anthony Todd (Vice President Operations) - To teach my 12-year-old daughter how to ride.

(Two thumbs up, Anthony, for helping foster the next generation of riders!)

Based on this smile, we don't think Anthony will have any problems teaching his daughter how to ride!

Steve Luke (Digital Media Producer) - My resolution is to lose 30 lbs. or so. I think my Sportster is pissed at me for getting too fat.   -1 lb. = 1 hp right?

- 1 lb. = 1 hp, right Steve?! 

Kathleen Calo (Graphic Designer/Marketing) - My resolution for 2020 is to finally get a bike!  I really dig the café racer style and a dream bike of mine would probably be a '70s Honda CB. However, I wouldn’t mind getting an old Sportster and fixing that up as well.  I like the idea of something that I would need to fix up because I would end up learning more about my bike as well as learn some basic mechanics as well.

Brent Brooks (Graphic Designer/Marketing) - Amidst all the motorcycle road trips I want to take, my number one resolution for 2020 is to get my wife on two wheels. We’ve both become a bit obsessed with the idea of her jumping from the passenger seat of my bike and to a bike of her own, so I won’t rest in 2020 until it’s become a reality.

Val Stewart (Director of Financial Planning & Analysis) - My NY resolution is to ride an Indian Scout Bobber.

Brandon Shallenberger (SEO Specialist) - My resolution is to learn how to do some basic maintenance and upgrades on my Honda CB300F. I've been looking into changing sprockets and how gearing up may help with riding at sustained highway speeds, so that is first on my list. Might put a FuelPak on as well, since I've read that is an easy upgrade. Also need to add a windscreen to make the wind less of a pain.

Casey Barrentine (Digital Marketing Manager) – Mine is to buy a bike this year. I think I want something old school. (We've caught Casey eye-ballin' this 1976 Harley SX-250 at HQ on more than one occasion!)

Pat Garvin (Video & Content Producer/Social Media/Bike Builder) - As easy or cliche' as this might sound my resolution is simply to ride more. Because that's what it's all about, riding motorcycles and having fun. To be specific I would say I'm gonna ride more dirt, but the reality is I'll ride everything I can, anywhere I can, because I'm a motorcycle junkie.

Mark McNichols (Inventory Manager/Fulfillment Center) - To go on more group trips next year and get in more rides to work. I attached a few pictures from the Dragon’s Tail last year for inspiration!

Dorothy Proctor (CRM Specialist) - My resolution for 2020 is to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

(J&P Cycles actually pays for its employees to take a certified Rider Course. Dorothy is a prime candidate!)

Lex Avants (RSC) - To lose weight. (To quote Steve Luke, -1 lb. = 1 hp!)

Harley Lightfoot (RSC Manager) - I am going to make it a point to get the bike out of the garage more often. And, upgrades of course! Outside of that, I would like to make time to get on the golf course more often.

Harley plans on spending more time on his Harley! 

Cynthia Pearce (Product Merchant) - Read 50 books in 2020 and to try something new each month.

Here's a good one to put on your list Cynthia, written by my good friend Marilyn Stemp. 

Lisa Hahn (Office Coordinator)

Get my first tattoo!

Since Lisa wants her first tattoo, we think we know just the place! 

Tamarra Phillips (UI/UX Developer II)

As for my resolutions, I usually pick a few and hope that at least one sticks.  This year I have chosen: read 5 books, play all the Kingdom Hearts games in that universe’s chronological order, sell or donate my clutter to simplify my life, and do 13 things I have never done before (hopefully travel related!).

Tamarra hopes to add to her list of adventurous things she's never done before in 2020!

Laura Atzeni (Integrated Marketing Specialist)

My New Year’s resolutions are to learn even more about motorcycles. I also want to start running more consistently and to cut down on fast food.

Laura Atzeni looks pretty comfy behind the controls of this Ninja 636.

Bryan Harley (Countersteer Managing Editor) - My resolution for 2020 is to embark on a multi-day, off-road excursion on an adventure bike and camp under the stars every night. Would love to take an ADV course, too, like Ducati's Enduro Academy or RawHyde Adventures.