Labor Day activities are certainly not extremely difficult to find, but doing a Labor Day activity that you actually want to do may be a different story. There always seems to be a million things happening on Labor Day weekend, too many in fact, which can cramp your style if you're a motorcyclist and other obligations rear their ugly heads. Too often these three day weekends that should be laid back end up as more of a chore than a vacation. Here's a few tips to integrate your motorcycle into your Labor Day weekend.

Go for a ride

Seems like a no-brainer but with all the typical Labor Day picnics, family get togethers and such, something as simple as going for a ride on your motorcycle can get lost in the shuffle of the day. Maybe you have some family responsibilities that day like a picnic or family reunion. Don't let that stop you, even if it's just across town, use it as an excuse to go for a ride. You'll definitely look cooler when you roll into your family reunion on two-wheels.

A ride is always a good idea.

Work on your bike

Assuming you dodged any obligation to a picnic or gathering use this time wisely to upgrade your motorcycle. It's not everyday you get a free day to do what you want so why not dedicate that day to upgrading your whip? Plan your weekend wrenching time wisely. Don't bite off more than you can chew in a weekend with a huge project. Winter is right around the corner and you'll have plenty of time for an engine re-build then. Use this time for a new exhaust install or maybe bars or a seat. Leave yourself time in the weekend to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Leave enough time for a ride when choosing a weekend project.

Camping (off your bike)

A three day weekend is the perfect opportunity to get out of town and become one with nature....or just down some cold ones and drown some worms in a creek. Camping is one of my favorite pastimes because of all the things that come with it. Hiking and exploring new trails, fishing or just chilling out by the campfire are all things that everyone should do on a regular basis in my book. And camping off of a motorcycle is the next level of that experience. It makes you distill down the experience to the essentials. With limited space on a motorcycle you only take what you need and spend less time setting up and tearing camp down and more time enjoying yourself.  

Camping off your bike should always be a go-to weekend activity.

Introduce someone to motorcycles

If you're gonna get stuck at a function you'd rather not be at, instead of dreaming about a ride you'd rather be on, use that time to preach the gospel of motorbikes to anyone who will listen. Most non-motorcycle folks either have some unfounded fear of them or think they are awesome (cause they are) but never had the confidence to really try and ride one. Now I'm not saying to put a bunch of folks on your machine for a crash course. I'm saying give them a chance to see the bike up close, hear how great it is to ride a motorcycle, and answer any questions they may have and possibly give someone their first ride on a bike.

Never stop introducing new people to motorbikes!

Get a good meal

This one should be easy on Labor Day. But if you live away from friends and family or possibly just got the cold shoulder on any picnic invites, treat yo-self . One of the funnest things to do on a bike is to go find a new hole-in-the-wall spot that has amazing tacos or ice cream. Hop on your bike and go exploring for some rad local flavor and you'll get a ride in on your way to get some legit grub. If you need some help, consult the Instagrams for guidance, accounts like Ride to Food are great references for finding the perfect grub spot in your area.

Riding to a meal always makes it taste better.

The bottom line is don't give up on your bike this holiday weekend. If you're smart you've planned your three days off around your motorcycle. But if you've been roped into some other activity that doesn't involve your bike have no fear, there's always ways to sneak in motorcycle time in almost every activity.