Long distance motorcycle rides can be a pain in the ass. Literally. Luckily, company’s like Wild Ass Seat Cushions are making life in the saddle a little more pleasant. Their top-of-the-line Wild Ass Classic is made with medical grade neoprene rubber. The interconnected air cells cradle and conform to the contours of your butt which reduces pressure points and vibrations. It’s claimed to promote blood circulation as well. Wild Ass offers three different designs, Smart, Sport, and Pillion. As mentioned, the Wild Ass Classic is made of neoprene rubber, the Air Gel version is a polyurethane + gel combo, while the Lite is made of polyurethane solely.

Last week we caught up with “Wild Ass” Craig Johnson and Callie Conklin at Daytona Beach Bike Week where they shared a few testimonies from customers who had visited them at the rally. Johnson first showed us a video of a gentleman named Mark Stopkin from upstate New York who went out of his way to find Wild Ass at the rally to share his story.

“I just wanted to tell you what a great experience I’ve had with my Wild Ass seat. It changed my motorcycling. I used to be uncomfortable all the time. Now I’m so comfortable on my motorcycle. After 20 years of riding and having a sore butt, the last few years of riding with my Wild Ass have been the most comfortable riding of my life.”

We also watched a video featuring Cathy (no last name given), a rider Wild Ass met at Americade in 2019, who also stopped by their booth in Daytona to thank the team.

“Well I have really bad neck issues, I’ve had several surgeries, so I needed to find something that would make it comfortable for me to be able to ride and make it a smoother ride for me. So I bought the really good quality Wild Ass and it has totally changed my life as far as riding and making it more comfortable for me. I don’t feel pressure anymore. It’s been amazing.”

The last testimonial came in the form of this picture. The couple had just bought a Wild Ass Seat Cushion in Daytona, then promptly broke it in with a 400+mile ride across Florida later that same day. Talk about real-world testing.

Check out a green Johnson in this video from a few years back when Wild Ass was just beginning to establish a footprint in the motorcycle industry.