Boogie East Chopper Show 2019

The chopper scene has had a lift in mainstream visibility the last 8 years or so in part due to shows like Born Free, 1 Moto and Mama Tried. But Daytona and Bike Week are rarely mentioned in the uber-choppular scene. The reality is that Daytona has a strong chopper scene that is well know by the Bike Week faithful and is supported by shows like Tropical Willies Choppertime Show and the Boogie East show now in its 3rd year.

The vibe at the Daytona chopper shows has always been a bit different. Like the big west coast shows most of the bikes are either built by small 1 or 2 man shops you may have heard of in passing or by a dude in his garage that you have never heard of.  But unlike the Insta-famous chopper shows every single one of these bikes are ridden into the show. You'll find ultra high level builds that are real street-going machines, not trailer queens. This year I think I finally may have narrowed down the difference in vibe at the Daytona shows versus show to the west. It's a lack of pretentiousness; there aren't any Instagram "celebrities"  trying to get validation (likes) or chopper snobs verifying the period correctness of the builds. It's just some like minded dirtballs (like myself) down for a good putt on a scooter and solid hangout tossing back a few cold ones. No one is worried about winning, most people are just interested in rad scooters, warm weather, cold drinks and a good time. My kinda chopper show. If you are fortunate enough to make the journey south to Bike Week, make sure you add a trip to a chopper show to your Daytona to-do list.