Perusing the boiling cauldron of comments below Lance Oliver’s “Harley-Davidson reports loss, plans to reduce future models” article on our sister site Common Tread, I came across these gems in the forum.

“I'm no CEO, and I don't even have an MBA, but doubling down on a dying market seems like an odd strategy. Sure, I get the whole "core competency" thing, but that usually works best when your core competency isn't in a shrinking market and you're a behemoth of a company to support.” -SuperDuperDoughnuts

“Hoping HD folks will see all of these comments. Love my HDs, but have been hoping and praying for them to make bikes like the Bronx and PA. HD fancies itself as a premium brand and they are entering into new segments that have been long dominated by other premium brands with the promise of something different. No better way to expand market share - if they can build a competitive product which the MoCo is certainly capable of. Will be very disappointed if they drop the Bronx. HD, keep both the Bronx and PA. If you need to thin the line up, how about dropping the hideous, upcoming HP Custom and eliminating some of the 9 different cruiser or 13 different touring models? Just sayin..." – NimdaXunil

This barely scratches the surface of the conversation going on over there. Harley-Davidson just released its second quarter 2020 financial report, and in the quarter impacted by the pandemic the company experienced a $92 million loss. Hard to sell motorcycles when dealerships are closed and production and shipments have halted.

Regarding the question about its “odd strategy,” Harley-Davidson’s new CEO Jochen Zeitz expanded on both The Rewire while announcing a new strategy called The Hardwire. Whereas Zeitz’s predecessor Matt Levatich had an ambitious plan to expand into new markets with new models like Harley’s first electric motorcycle and its forthcoming Pan America and Bronx motorcycles, Zeitz said The Motor Company will be streamlining its model lineup by 30% in an apparent return to focusing on its core customer. Specifics of the new The Hardwire plan reportedly will be revealed in Harley’s 2020 Q3 report.

As far as the Bronx and PA go, NimdaXunil, you might get half your wish. Zeitz was clear about Harley’s intentions of bringing its adventure-touring motorcycle to market in 2021. Information about the Bronx streetfighter, on the other hand, is more nebulous. When questioned about its impending launch, Zeitz artfully redirected attention once again to Harley-Davidson's plan to bring the Pan America into production next year.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for the launch of the Pan America in 2021. 

After listening to Harley-Davidson’s conference call yesterday, Oliver provides plenty more insight and information in his article, so shoot over to Common Tread and check it out when you get a chance.