Rinehart Racing is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket exhaust systems for American V-Twin motorcycles (Harley-Davidson and Indian) who strives to provide better-designed, better-manufactured systems for this homegrown market. American V-Twin riders spend a lot of time talking about the country of origin of their motorcycles. Case in point. Ask any Harley-Davidson rider and they are likely to know their engine was built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and their bike assembled in York, Pennsylvania. This theme of pride in American craftsmanship permeates our thoughts when approaching the visitor’s entrance of Rinehart Racing, in Asheville, North Carolina.

We Have Lasers, But We Prefer To Use Our Hands.

Rinehart Racing started nearly 25 years ago with a unique exhaust design that helped Harley riders win on the race track. Harley riders and dealers took notice and wanted them for their bikes, too.  

“We have always been obsessed with getting the very best out of the machine. We started with performance in racing applications. But we have taken what we learned on the track and now spend more time and resources focused on delivering the ultimate experience for street riders. That’s not just performance. It’s the complete sensory experience. Look, feel and sound. Nothing else sounds like a Rinehart,” said Rinehart CEO Judd Hollifield.

If you got past security at Rinehart Racing HQ (not likely, as many of their designs and processes are patented), you’d be surprised by the relatively small number of machines used in their manufacturing process.

“We still hand weld because we want our product to last a lifetime, not just a year or two,” said Hollifield. “When it comes to design and fabrication, we prefer to manually form by hand, like sculpting. We emphasize the art of the design process, and then we use science to validate and refine. Not everyone does that. We have lasers but we prefer to use our hands.”

Bend it like Rinehart - by hand, that is.

A prime example of Rinehart Racing’s commitment to providing riders with functional art on their bikes are its legendary muffler end caps. Designed in-house, they use only the highest-grade American billet aluminum to meet their demanding standards.

“We use a higher quality aluminum because it has less porosity, and is worthy of us putting our lifetime warranty on it,” said Hollifield.

And while their manufacturing principles are based on traditional American craftsmanship, Rinehart is an innovator as well.  The company will soon be launching a brand-new Slimline Dual exhaust system that is EPA-approved in all 50 states and delivers significant gains in torque and horsepower. This new-for-2019 system means riders don’t have to sacrifice performance for compliance.  

Rinehart CEO Judd Hollifield does a little quality control.

Perhaps the most important area of Rinehart’s North Carolina facility is the Quality Control (QC) and warranty area. Rinehart meticulously inspects every product that leaves its facility.

“We offer a lifetime warranty on our products because we want to know if something goes wrong two, three or more years from now,” said Hollifield. “We know that when a customer buys Rinehart Racing, they are putting our name on their bike. We take that honor and responsibility very seriously. As riders ourselves, we don’t put anything out there that we wouldn’t be proud to have on our own bikes.”

Maybe it was a coincidence, but when asked what work was done in the area where there were no people working and no products to be found.

“That’s the warranty department,” said Hollifield without breaking stride, proof that Rinehart’s commitment to using quality materials and exacting standards pays off.