Photos courtesy of Royal Enfield Facebook

Manufacturers frequently use EICMA to showcase the customizing potential of its motorcycles. Royal Enfield is the latest to use the biggest stage in the motorcycling world to debut the stunning flat track racer it built in conjunction with Harris Performance, a unit of Eicher Motors Ltd., Royal Enfield’s parent company. Harris Performance has been building world class chassis and racing components for nigh on 40 years for the highest levels of motorcycling, from BSB to Grand Prix to World Superbike.

The #RoyalEnfieldCustom flat tracker has “an old school brazed steel tube frame by performance maestros at Harris Performance” stated Royal Enfield on its social media channels. The engine is the 650 Parallel Twin that powers the company’s INT650 and Continental GT 650, albeit with a big bore kit and custom pipes from S&S Cycle (maker of the exhaust on the AFT championship-winning Indian FTR750). It’s got the proper flat track set-up, from its Dunlop tires to no front brake to a small single disc on the rear. Its featherweight carbon fiber bodywork was made by the Royal Enfield Industrial Design Team, UK.

“A Royal Enfield Factory build that is designed from the ground up to slide!” declared Royal Enfield in its Instagram post with over 50,000 likes.

So what makes us think Royal Enfield is headed to American Flat Track next year? Let’s follow the clues.

First off, Royal Enfield has been chomping at the bit to make inroads with the American market. In 2016 it opened the doors to its North American headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home to another motorcycling giant we're familiar with, Harley-Davidson. Flat track has been the hot ticket item as far as American motorcycle racing goes, and its grass roots off-shoot hooligan racing has been equally on fire. If you’re looking to establish a core fan base in the States, having a competitive motorcycle in American Flat Track has the potential to make huge strides.

Secondly, a gentleman named Rob Avenetti posted the following comment on Royal Enfield’s Facebook page featuring its flat tracker.

“I know this is a custom jobber, but it would be interesting to see RE try to compete in AFT…maybe that would drive them to make higher performing engines!” to which Royal Enfield replied “stay tuned.”

Third, Royal Enfield has a strong relationship with American Flat Track racer Jeffrey Carver Jr. aka “The Wizard.” A few years back I ran into Carver riding around Sturgis on a Royal Enfield Himalayan. Just last month he was romping around Nepal on a Himalayan with the Sideburn Magazine crew. The first name I saw on Royal Enfield’s Instagram post featuring its custom flat tracker was, who else, Jeffrey Carver Jr. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. But if RE was looking for a rider, having the racer who finished 4th in AFT's top-tier Twins class last year would be a great start.

One thing’s for certain, this flat tracker is legit. Royal Enfield says there’s more updates to follow, so stay tuned. We’re tuned, RE, we’re tuned.

Is Royal Enfield headed to American Flat Track next year? Inquiring minds want to know!