With her “can do” attitude, Jessi Combs was an inspiration to many. Even in passing, Combs will continue to inspire the next generation of tradeswomen and riders through the Jessi Combs Foundation Scholarship program.

Launched by the Jessi Combs Foundation (JCF), the program plans on issuing scholarships to women pursuing a career in the trades, something Combs was undoubtedly passionate about. Combs honed her fabrication and welding skills at WyoTech (Wyoming Technical Institute), a decision which shaped her career path and opened many doors. Even after starring in several TV programs, you’d still frequently find Combs at events like the Women’s Motorcycle Show or Babes Ride Out teaching others how to weld as she passionately passed along her knowledge.

“We are proud of what this foundation, and all who have supported it, have accomplished in Jessi’s name this year and to be able to launch this program on the day she broke a world record and rocketed into legendary status is something we hope Jessi would be proud of,” said Steve Elmes, Board Chair for The Jessi Combs Foundation, in a recent release. “For many of us this day is filled with mixed emotions and we hope that by making this positive announcement and stride forward as an organization following in Jessi’s footsteps, we give those who were inspired by Jessi something to celebrate and a way to participate in carrying her mission forward.”

The Jessi Combs Foundation seeks to build on the foundations and tenets established by the ground-breaking Combs. 

The Jessi Combs Foundation states its mission is to “Educate, Inspire, and Empower the next generation of trailblazing and stereotype-breaking women.” It intends on accomplishing this mission through scholarships and in-kind partner donations to educational institutions like the one Combs attended. The foundation also wants to continue supporting live event workshops as these smaller, intimate events were near and dear to her heart. To inspire, the JCF wants to use its platform to “shine light and recognition on those whose achievements, talents and accomplishments inspire others.” To empower, the foundations hope to provide grants and sponsorships to “women with a dream of achieving their own level of greatness.”

Anyone interested in applying for the Jessi Combs Foundation Scholarship Program can download the application form at www.JessiCombsFoundation.com If you’d like to support or partner with the foundation, please reach out through the “Contact” section.