If your last name's Ness, you build bikes that look tight and ride hard. Max Ness' Indian Chieftain supports this theory. Max took what was an already capable bagger and turned the dial up a few degrees in looks and performance.

The front end flexes more muscle thanks to the addition of a stout 18" x 5.5" ProCross wheel with sweet matching rotors. Gone is the swooping valanced stock fender, a tidy Ness Pro Short Front Fender in its place. Fork gaiters add to the darker disposition, as do the Arlen Ness 12" Modular Mini Ape Hangers. The beauty of these bars are billet aluminum junction clamps that rotate towards or away so you can get that reach just right.

While the stock Indian branding on the covers are classic, replacing them with Ness Finned Cam, Horn, and Derby Covers makes for a more cohesive, symmetrical look, especially since they've been custom powdercoated in gloss black to match the blacked-out powertrain. A forward-facing Arlen Ness 90-degree Monster Sucker Air Cleaner shovels plenty of the good stuff into the big cylinders of the Thunder Stroke 111 and ensures the Chieftain hooks and books when the throttle is whacked.

Every point of the rider's triangle has been tweaked. Thanks to the mini apes the reach punches higher, a lattice-stitched seat with Saddlemen's signature Step Up locks the rider into place, while motocross-style floorboards (and pegs) have been the rage lately. The Arlen Ness 10-Gauge Driver MX Floorboards blend style and functionality as the design etched in the billet aluminum is clean and current while the rubber inserts provide plenty of grip and cut down on vibrations.

Like the overall look of the bike, the custom paint and striping is subtle and sporty. And that's part of the beauty of Max's Indian Chieftain, it's tastefully done without being over-the-top. The build demonstrates how a custom look can be achieved with the right assortment of aftermarket parts. We liked it so much we threw it on the cover of J&P Cycles 2020 Summer Preview catalog and have included the parts list below in case the Ness Chieftain sparks any creativity.

Not sure if an eye for design is inherent, but it seems to be a common denominator in the Ness family.

Ness Indian Chieftain Parts List

Pro Short (Fat) Front Fender for Indian

ProCross 18" x 5.5" front & rear wheels w/ matching rotors (Product Number 200-3206)

Arlen Ness Black Finned Cam Cover (Product Number 220-0935)

Arlen Ness Black Finned Horn Cover (Product Number 220-0958)

Arlen Ness Primary Derby Cover (Product Number 220-0947)

Arlen Ness 10-Gauge Driver MX Floorboards (Product Number 912-849)

Arlen Ness 1-1/4” Black 12” Modular Mini Ape Hanger Handlebar (Product Number 912-126)

Arlen Ness Beveled Cat Eye Short Stem Black Mirrors (Product Number 211-155 Left) (Product Number 211-154 Right)

Arlen Ness 90 degree Monster Sucker Air Cleaner 10 Gauge Cover Black (Product Number 833-515)

Saddlemen Step-Up LS Lattice Stitch 2-Up Seat (Product Number 510-3307)

Pirelli Night Dragon 180/55R18 Tires (Product Number 210-228)