Bike shows are a-plenty at the Sturgis Rally as just about every campground or bar has their version on any given day. Most are decent and have their niche, but one in particular always seems to stand out. For the last 11 years, famed photographer Michael Lichter has held his "Motorcycles as Art" show at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. Not only does it bring together a collection of the most talented and creative bike builders and artists around, but each year it changes themes keeping things fresh and current. This year's theme was "What's the Skinny" featuring skinny bikes of all kinds, stylistically throwing it back a few years to a 1960's vibe. The show was packed with moto-goodness, from motorcycles to artwork, but we picked a few of our favorites and took a closer look.

Brian Buttera's '55 Panhead was my personal favorite of the show with its BMX-inspired styling, stainless frame and nickel-plated wheels. It was a stunner. Takatoshi Suzuki's bitchen' Shovelhead was a close second. The trick tail section, stainless pipes tucked under the frame and electric blue paint scheme were standout features.

Radikal Choppers from Italy probably had the most impressive bike in the show. The amount of trick details throughout the bike was impressive. It's one of those builds you can look at four or five times and always find some new detail you hadn't noticed before. The brass pieces, smooth lines and uber-deep, layered paint scheme made it a showstopper.

Every bike in the show was worthy of its own private showing, and the builder list read like a hall of fame roster. Billy Lane's Crocker and Dave Perewitz's blown Shovelhead  were just a few that graced the impressive room. When you make your pilgrimage to the 80th Sturgis Rally, put the Motorcycles as Art show on your to-do list. You won't be disappointed. The fact that the show is free is downright unbelievable. Do yourself a solid, carve out some time in one of your afternoons at next year's rally and go be inspired.