American Chopper was a prime-time sideshow, a three-ring circus of over-the-top theme bikes, dysfunctional relationships, and larger-than-life personalities. The infamous chair-throwing segment between Paul Teutul, Sr. and Paul Jr. will live on forever thanks to countless creative memes. At the height of their popularity, Orange County Choppers erected a grandiose 90,000-square-foot big top of glass and steel, a symbol of the OCC ego and empire. Fans tuned in religiously to feed their OCC addiction, weekend warriors getting their fix with t-shirts and doo-rags as the craze spread across the country. But even the Ringling kings of the three-ring circus have since then fallen, and ultimately the carpet likewise got pulled from beneath the Orange County Choppers sideshow.  

In 2011, OCC surrendered the behemoth building to its lender, GE Commercial Finance Business Corp., only three years after opening its doors. GE Commercial Finance then sold the property to BRE East Mixed Asset Owner LLC of Dallas. The building, reportedly built for $13 million, would go up for sale again in 2016, selling for the bargain basement price of $2.75 million at an online auction. Currently, OCC still operates out of the building thanks to a 10-year lease, and die-hard fans and curious onlookers still come hoping to get a glimpse of its ringmaster or to check out the motorcycles they watched being built on TV. In addition to serving as an OCC museum, it also features a café, arcade and bowling alley.

Soon, though, the building will become even more of a circus thanks to the addition of a kart track, laser tag arena, escape rooms, a virtual reality arcade, and more. The announcement, posted on OCC’s Facebook page April 2, states:

Orange County Choppers in partnership with Diamond Properties is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Grand Prix Orange County Racing and Entertainment at the Popular Orange County Choppers HQ Building.

Located in Newburgh, NY, the iconic 90,000-square foot OCC Headquarters will feature indoor go-kart racing, a large redemption arcade, laser tag arena, escape rooms, virtual reality, and more.

Adding the entertainment center will certainly bring this area of Newburgh and the surrounding communities a new outlet for family fun. We're confident that adding more family activities like go karting, escape rooms, laser tag, and arcades together with the excitement and branding of Orange County Choppers will create a winning combination.

We are excited for this new chapter in our building's history. We have people visit us from around the world and with the new family elements, the new influx of motorcycle builds and hotel next door, Orange County Choppers Headquarters will become a must visit destination for motorcycle and OCC enthusiasts.

The arcade and laser tag open now with go kart racing opening this summer. For up-to-date information, hours of operation and more please visit Grand Prix Orange County Racing and Entertainment

In its heyday, Orange County Choppers had clients with deep pockets lining up at their door to build them a branded bike. But the demand for ill-handling, 12-foot-long motorcycles with 300mm back tires has gone belly up (just ask Big Dog and American Ironhorse), and companies seeking to fly the OCC banner on their bike has slowed to a trickle. Soon the big building that once symbolized an empire will be filled with sugared-up kids with quarters in their pockets and teens in skinny jeans. In a nearby corner a bike will sit on a lift and cameras will roll and the circus will continue because as the saying goes, the show must go on.