By Byron Wilson, Associate Editor

Auto-clutch becomes a home install

Rekluse is generally associated with off-road riding, since its auto-clutch systems have been widely used by Motocross, Supercross and Enduro riders for years. In the words of former MCUSA Off-Road Editor JC Hilderbrand, “the auto-clutch really is like cheating” because it allows a rider stop and start without having to pull the lever thanks to a design that feeds out the engagement of the clutch via centrifugal force, among other features. The brand, based out of Boise, Idaho, is extending into the road segment in 2014 with a new auto-clutch EXP system designed for Harley-Davidson big Twins, which will be compatible with model years ’98 and up.

The early iterations of the system were technical and complicated, but over the years technology has advanced and the design has become more simplified, durable and reliable.

“Now we have an auto-clutch system where the lever works exactly like stock; you don’t have to change your riding style, and it modulates like stock,” says Austin Paden, Race Team Support Manager for Rekluse. “The benefits of it are anti-stall and improved cornering performance.”

The Harley-Davidson EXP auto-clutch is said to improve low speed maneuverability, eliminate stalling and improve traction. The system is tunable to rider preference, allows for easier shifting and makes for easier takeoffs.

“We did a Harley-Davidson product about seven or eight years ago,” continues Paden. “It was really popular. We went to Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week and had a lot of units going. The problem with it was it was really technical and it required modification of the OEM components. It worked great if it was installed correctly, but with anything that’s technical there’s going to be issues. So what we wanted to do is make this system as absolutely simple as possible. Nothing is modified (from OEM specifications).”

The system is also easy enough to install at home according to Paden, and Rekluse will provide detailed video instructions on how to complete an installation in addition to training dealers to perform the work as well.