MV Agusta’s Instagram marketing campaign for its highly-anticipated Superveloce 800 Serie Oro is creating quite the firestorm on Instagram. The Italian company just announced its limited-edition sportbike, which debuted last November at EICMA and won the “Best Concept: New Design and Concept” award last week at the prestigious Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganz, is available for pre-order. The furor centers not on the motorcycle, because it is indeed exotic and sexy, but on the naked girl sitting on the bike in the Instagram posts and the objectification of women. People are lambasting the campaign as sexist, especially since women riders have been the fastest growing segment in motorcycling for years now. The risqué ad could easily alienate potential customers, and based on the comment section of the posts, already has.

These two Instagram posts by MV Agusta about its Superveloce 800 Serie Oro have created a firestorm of backlash denouncing the ads as sexist. 


I wanted an MVAusta until I seen this 🙄👊


How about you show the bike and stop with the nudity. It's distasteful and unnecessary.


Why degrade women when the brand can sell itself and they call it liberation this is sad


We thought @mvagustamotor was better than this. The bikes sure don’t need naked women on them to impress, even if a big chunk of the moto market is made up of meatheads. #sexism#misogynistmarketing


This is not acceptable, in case you couldn’t tell from the other comments here. Well done on alienating 50% of your potential audience.


Its pathetic to show so much of a woman’s body to sell a bike. All ur adds of it have a naked woman on them. Cant ur bike be good enough on its own to sell!


Why the nude woman??? Is it about the bike or the shameless woman? .... I like your bikes Mv Agusta, but this is Nonsense!


Anachronic ad. Need to change advertising agency and marketing department. Love MV anyway.


You know it’s the 21st century and you can sell bikes without objectifying women right? Pathetic. MV’s have so much going for them, they shouldn’t be reduced to “sex appeal”. Are you trying to sell to teenaged boys or real riders?


I love MV and the other ad with the long shot of the woman I think was good. A bit Avant-Garde but I thought it was playing on some bike culture imagery. However, I find this picture distasteful. It is borderline pornographic and it doesn't go well with the company image. That's a terrible faux-pas!

Of course, there’s always two-sides to a story.


Art !!!! And beautiful form !!!👍🏻😎


Come on censorship is as bad a road rash. We are all adults here we can handle the nip.

mc.svan @carolina.750

You pay money to watch men beat the shit out of each other, but get offended by some female curves? 🧐 🤷🏻‍♂️


Because it makes me want to ride one even more. Guessing the haters wouldn’t be a MV buyer anyway. 👍


Great post! Just not only about the girl but this is a different marketing today...

Then there’s the middle-of-the-roaders.


Just passing through to see how offended everyone gets

This gentlemen offered a different take.


Next time, go get a nude male model for the picture and see how many people get offended then... People be mad about everything 21st century 🙄

MotoCorsa, a Ducati dealership out Portland, Oregon, did a "Manigale" spread after receiving backlash for an ad campaign it did for the 1199 Panigale. (Photos courtesy of Ducati) 

Well, felix.mkb, it’s been done. Sort of. MotoCorsa, a leading Ducati dealership out of Portland, Oregon, did such a campaign back in 2013 with its “Manigale” photo shoot. MotoCorsa received a lot of ire for an advertising campaign they did with a scantily clad model and the 1199 Panigale. So it did a photo shoot using some of their male employees striking the same poses wearing red high heels. While it ringed with parody, it did make a point.

Oh yeah, and the bike? It’s pretty hot. The MV Agusta Superveloce 800 Serie Oro features a rippin’ 799cc Inline 3-cylinder engine with a counter-rotating crankshaft and a wicked triple-exit exhaust system, two pipes exiting on the right and one left. MV claims the Inline Triple pumps out 148 hp in a bike that tips the scales in the low 300’s. Everything’s neatly packaged in a steel trellis frame. The bottom fairing is made of carbon fiber while the upper is said to draw upon “design ethos of the 1970s.” It’s twin LED poly-ellipsoidal headlights, though, are definitely 21st century. The tail section hides a small pillion pad and houses a distinctive circular LED taillight. The Superveloce 800 has a TFT dash and a host of electronics including multiple engine maps and traction control. Only 300 are being made and orders are being taken at and at local MV Agusta dealers.  So what do Countersteer readers think? Does the MV Agusta campaign cross the line and denigrate women or is it a savvy marketing strategy? It’s definitely got people talking. We’d love to hear your take on the issue in the comment section, so fire away.