We are living in strange times to say the least. A global pandemic is in full swing and we are asked to practice social distancing to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the next 14 days in your pajama’s eating peanut butter straight from the jar. In fact, the way I see it, this is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your motorcycle.

#1 Go Ride Your Motorcycle

Seems like a no-brainer but it really is a perfect scenario. You can do it by yourself and the best riding is always where there is the least amount of people. So take advantage of the situation and get out and hit up your favorite roads.

#2 Upgrade Your Machine

J&P Cycles is still open for business and this is a perfect opportunity to put on that new set of pipes you've been eyeballing or finally change those handlebars that have been driving you nuts. And we can help you through the install. We have tons of Weekend Wrenching how to videos to walk you through the process of adding the raddest parts to your bike.

#3 Go Camping

Camping off of a motorcycle is one of my favorite things to do, and what better way to avoid crowds than to ride out into nature and just chill out for a few days. Riding motorcycles and camping are two of my favorite things. Anytime you can do both is a huge win and there will never be a scenario better than right now to do that. Have no fear, if you are new to camping off your bike, we have a tutorial video to help you get the job done.

#4 Get Ready to Ride

We realize that depending on where you live, this may not be the most opportune time to be riding motorcycles. If that is the case where you live, then now is the best time to make sure your whip is ready to ride when the weather changes for the better. Check those tire pressures, change fluids, adjust those chains and belts, give the trusty steed a wipe down and you’ll be set to go when the time is right.

#5 Garage Time

Sometimes you just need to chill, and my favorite place to do that is in my garage with my motorcycle. Flip on some tunes, set up a chair, crack a cold one and just vibe out with your bike. Before long you’ll be dreaming of past rides which always leads to planning future rides and normally I come up with the next thing I’d like to do to my bike. There’s nothing wrong with a little quality time with your motorbike to get to a Zen-like moto-state

So use your downtime wisely, keep your distance from other folks and spend it with your motorcycle. It will keep you in a healthy state of mind and I guarantee you’ll have a good time. Oh, and go wash your hands.