Thursday is the day chopperheads mark on their calendars during Bike Week because that’s the day Willie’s Tropical Tattoo holds its Old School Chopper Time Show. Willie’s show is a time capsule, a peek back at the good old days because the raw and gritty vibe seemingly never changes. It’s the place to catch up with old friends while strolling around the property checking out all the killer bikes. This  year, bands like Big Rick and the Troublemakers and the Black Smoke Sinners kept heads bobbing and toes tapping to the beat, the air tinged with the smoky smell of pit-fired BBQ. Making lazy circles around the property, you rub shoulders with biker royalty like Dave Perewitz and Bert Baker. Popular shops like Speed King Racing, Bling’s Cycles, FNA Custom Cycles and Hardcore Cycles, Inc. lined the periphery hawking wares and merch. Cycle Source Editor Chris Callen, one of the hardest working men in the business, did double time this year, splitting his energy between manning the Cycle Source booth and playing bass for the Black Smoke Sinners. Outlaws gathered under the oaks just outside the show while the buzz of tattoo guns filled the parlor inside. Year in and year out, Willie’s remains an anachronism.

Somehow they squeezed 160 motorcycles into the 2020 Chopper Time show while hundreds more filled the surrounding blocks. While the show is more about sharing your garage build or latest shop project with buddies, Willie’s does award prizes in 20 classes. Better yet, money raised from the event goes to the Veteran Support Fund, and with this year’s turn-out, that figure is certainly in the thousands.

Willie’s posted its gratitude for the people that show up year-in and year-out on its Facebook page.

“Hey Friends, Thanks for Coming! You made the 2020 Spring Old School Chopper Time Show a show to be remembered for years to come. You rock!”

Checking out the bikes in the blocks surrounding the show like this sweet BMW R80 is part of the fun.